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Why does my boyfriend play head games with me?

I hate it! I'm so honest and say whatever is on my mind. I like to bring to the table my problems when they occur so they can be fixed. My bf on the other hand being 14 yrs older acts like a child when it comes to conversations. He'll either say

1. Why do you have to ruin a perfectly good day? (meaning , my conversation isn't what he wants to talk about therefore make me feel like I'll ruin the day if we talk about it)

2. Lets deal with it another time, I don't feel like dealing with this right now (which that another time never occurs or we'll return to #1)

3.he'll repeat what I have to say but just kinda laugh it off as if it were a joke

4. Totally change the whole subject, sometimes even leaving saying "Im going to take the dog for a walk"

5. if we're on the phone/computer together "I'm really busy there is some stuff I gotta do (when in fact there is nothing and if there is, it definitely could have waited)

6. we fight about it

Why can't he just deal with things normally... why is everything a head game or an excuse?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    It's impossible for anyone to answer this question except your boyfriend. No one can tell you what's on his mind but him. So, why don't you ask him? You're an honest person, and it's an important discussion!

    To be honest, though, it doesn't sound like "head games" to me. From what I'm reading, this guy doesn't seem to be very pleasant. Maybe he's just using you?

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