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I lost my job two months ago and have a credit card bill of $6000 and not able to make payment. I will ?

be leaving the country very soon and will not be back for may be after 10years. What should i do? i don't mind having a bad credit since i will not be in the country anyway. But my question is, is the credit card company going to sue me. I will be out of the country, how will that work. I presently leave in Maryland. Please i need serious answer no stupit answers. Thanks in advance


if the credit card company sue me and i don't attend the court because i am already out of the country. what will happen to me or what is the court going to do.

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    The statute of limitations on open accounts in the State of Maryland is only 3-years so if your going to be gone 10 don't worry about it the only thing they will be able to do is trash your credit but even that will go away after 7.5 years so when you get back you will have no score and no accounts, derogatorys or collections showing on your credit.

    Even if they do sue you and get a judgment the S.O.L. on them is only 7-years so it will be gone also.

    Source(s): Finance Manager for over 9-years / http://www.bcsalliance.com/statute_of_limitations_...
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    There will always be a time in our lives where things happen that we don't expect, like losing your job Are you leaving the country because of your debt? The credit card bill you have right now, did you used it recently for you to get out of the country? It is immoral for me to tell you not to pay it and don't worry about it. But like I said, things happen that we have no control over. If you are leaving the country and will not be back till so many years, it wouldn't matter as much.

    There is a law that basically in some ways protects us consumers. Like you said you loss your job, so there is no way of making any payments. Once your acct goes in default, it then gets sold to a collection agency, only if the original creditor believe that there's a chance of collecting the funds. However, whether it does or not, if the company who has the account have had no contact or any activity on that account for 7 years, it usually will fall off of your credit report and act as if it never existed. Although, if it gets transferred from one agency to another, in which case you will have no way of knowing if your out of the country, the count down starts over.

    But like you said, you are leaving the country for whatever purpose and not coming back till about 10 years, you really shouldn't worry about it. There is a chance that they may file a lawsuit, but that's any company for anybody and any type of credit card. Hopefully this will give you some insight on your dilemma and lift some burdens. So, good luck and happy trip!

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    Defaulting on credit card debt is not a crime in this nation..so you could not be arrested or extradited back to the USA for this.....Yet, defaulting on credit card debt can severely complicate your life should you come back:

    It could make it difficult or impossible to rent or buy property

    It could make it hard to get a job for any position that requires a credit check

    Bad credit comes off your credit report after seven years....

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    Since you will be out of the country ten years, you could declare personal bankruptcy. By the time your returned, but that is not much to do it for. If you are leaving the country for ten years, you must have a job where you are going, why not make arrangements to pay it.

    The credit card company _will_ sue you. If you do not show up in court, they automatically win, and collect damages plus attorney fees. Then, it remains on your credit report and they CAN collect it for 25 years... When you come back, you have to pay a bigger debt plus interest....

    If you started a business when you returned, they could even have a Marshal run the cash register, and take out any income generated, etc.

    A guy sued me in small claims court for $500. The court determined he was attempting to use the court for blackmail. They gave me a judgment for $500, and $2000 for punitive damages. They also referred the case to the Prosecutor. He got to serve time in jail, I sat back and waited. He got out, started his old business again, and began making money. I went with a Marshal, and took his business computers, furniture, etc because he refused to pay the court ordered debt. It put him out of business again, and I sold the business.

    Take care of business before you leave, a bad credit report can also follow you to other countries, and you may wind up with problems greater than you have all for a $6000 debt.

    At the very least, if you have no way to pay it check on personal bankruptcy, so you have a cleaner start when you return... You may have to pay an attorney $250 to handle it, or depending on the state may be able to file the papers yourself.

    Source(s): Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor for 47 years
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    Every month they will add a late fee along with raising the interest you pay on the balance.

    Eventually the amount may be so large that they will come after you. They know they will get their money, so not coming after you too badly now is to their advantage. The payout you'll have to pay at the end will be huge.

    Keep paying the minimum to avoid that $39 missed payment fee, month after month.

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    Sell everything you can, and pay your bill.

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