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love story- taylor swift?

i love the new taylor swift song, but i dont understand why she start talking about flashbacks..and ends with that...explain??

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    The video begins with Swift approaching a guy (played by Justin Gaston) who is sitting under a tree in present day. Then, the video shifts to colonial times, with Swift representing the girl in the song, singing from her balcony. Scenes of her and the same boy that she is in love with in reality dancing together at a party are intertwined with the balcony scenes. At the end of the video, Swift returns from the fantasy "love story" and leans in to kiss the boy of her dreams.

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    Love Story is a classicly romantic, twisted story of two lovers who were banned from seeing each other. Its explained as if the story teller was flashing back into the time when the two lovers first met (which in the Shakespearean story would be the Capulet's dinner) The song is loosely based on Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet, which tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers who belonged to two disagreing families(Montague's and Capulets). Instead of listening to their parents the lovers had to sneak off to see each other. Instead of the song ending in death, as the story did, it ends with the Father eventually caving and allowing the Boy to propose to the Girl. And the last line is the story teller coming out of the flashback

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    i love taylor swift

    i think its about a love story

    i also love her new song

    in the song it says romeo and juliet


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    i hate that song but...She's basically telling the story of her 'love story'

    so the songs about a flashback that she's having, if you haven't watched the video then watch it.

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    It's a video representation of a wicked acid trip she took while on tour, during which she discovered her past lives.

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    She recognizes a guy that she saw in her mother's scrapbook and realizes that they are the sons/daughters of each other and they're parents met.

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    Taylor Swift is talentless and should not be famous.

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