Just because I'm unbelievably sexy and attractive, haters call me a dumb blond? Are they plain jealous ?

So I'm a model who makes a lot of money and so people try and make fun of me as a dumb blond. Yet I'm sure girls wish they could look like me and guys wish they could sleep with me. Why do they keep making fun of me .. are all blonds dumb and if so why does everyone weant the blond blue eyed beauty be it Brad Pitt or Scarlett Jo?

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    Not really sure where you get your info. Anyways for one thing most people say you are dumb when all you do is rely on your looks. Especially when vein comments like "I'm unbelievably sexy and attractive" are said it really shows poor charecter. That is not acceptable. If you are attractive have some class and be humble your not the only 1.

    Secondly..carry yourself in a respectful and intelligent way then you won't need to worry about what other people say or think about you.

    Good luck

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    Try a grammer & spell check. When your asking people why people call you dumb, it's not a good idea to say "make fun of me as a dumb blond"- how about "people make fun of me and call me a dumb blonde"

    Yeah, blonde has an E. And the word your looking for is "want" not "weant". Your also being the queen of run on sentences.

    It sounds like you may be so concerned with how great you look that you might not be spending much time on your intelligence. How often do you read a book? Can you talk about politics? Do you often talk about topics not related to 1. how you look 2. how people dress 3. celebrities?

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    I'm pretty sure that it isn't really a blonde thing so much as it is an attitude thing. You really ought to humble yourself and stop acting like the whole world is jealous of you just because you're some cheesy K-Mart catalog model. I'm sorry, but maybe you should stop hiding behind your false ego, figure out who you really are (not just what you look like), and then find some true confidence...maybe then you wouldn't worry about all the dumb blonde comments so much. ( I can tell that they hurt you deep down. You question whether there is some truth to those remarks. You wonder if there is really more to you than your "oh so gorgeous looks".) Please, do yourself a favor and work on your character. If you act like a jerk, your looks run dry real fast.

    I mean all of this. I'm not trying to hurt, just help.



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    im 24 and have blonde hair, blue eyes im naturally thin and 5ft 6inches,i also have 2 boys and a boyfriend and i dont think im unbelievably sexy, even though i was offered modelling i did not think it was the right career for me so i chose nursing and im not a dumb blonde. I think its what you make of yourself and i think people are more attracted to personallity in the long run cause looks will fade but if your a genuine nice person you will be happy all your life rather than getting old looking and depressed about it, looks are only skin deep. I personally love dark skinned people, my bofriend is 6 ft brown eyes nice body and very tanned, but thats not why i love him, i love him for him, so maybe you should not put yourself on a petistool and think about more important thing in life, your not going to be unbelievably sexy forever. and im sure your not dumb.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, sometimes people say blondsare dumb because THEY THINK THEY'RE SO HOT! They're always saying how good they look and they're most of the time shallow, just 'cause they're blonde.Oh, and they think the world revolver around the, which is DUMB!! Most of them won't need to me smart though, there's always some guy who will give them everything they want and need to live in their own little world. Don't get me wrong- i've seen nice, smart bblondsand people don't ccriticizethem! But as for you, I guess it's your attitude.

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    Whether you actually are dumb, or not, you sure do have a sour attitude that i personally would not want to be around. I've worked around photography for a number of years, and met girls like you, they say people are just jealous, but when you try and have a serious conversation with them, they just are lost, and sadly, they are just aren't that bright. However, i don't know you, so you could be a smart girl with a bad attitude, or a dumb one with a bad attitude, but usually if someone is jealous, they will call you worse things that dumb. Them calling you dumb is just them having no regard for your feelings.

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    I hate to burst your little blonde bubble but I for ONE don't want to look like you. Or even act like you. I'm confident in who I am. Maybe you should check into that. Your question sounds more like a person who needs some serious counseling than someone who's "all that".

    Sure am glad that I'm not you. You are probably very alone.

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    Not every blond is dumb...and yet some prove to be. You should probably stop telling everyone you are unbelievably sexy. You might make friends if you change your attitude. Its not about being blond, its that you are way too into yourself.

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    1 decade ago

    Wow...someone with good looks doesn't necessarily mean they're smart. The way you've phrased things make you look way conceited. Not everyone wants blond hair blue eyes. That's a new one. You could just be dumb. [;

  • Way
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    1 decade ago

    It's alright, and true, they are calling you a dumb blond out of ignorance and jealousy- once they get to know you though, like i do reading your post- they'll realise you're more the of a shallow b*tch than a dumb blonde.

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