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God doesn't want me to masturbate ?

This question is actually real it may not sound real, but it is. OK this is wired every time I masturbate something bad happens in my life. Like for example if I do it my plans I have for the day get wrecked, or I have a bad day, or women give me the cold shoulder that day its wired. But if I don't the day usually goes good, girls hit on me a lot, people are nicer, I'm a lot luckier e.t.c. I do it like once a week only now and only when I've got nothing else better to do. So I guess my question is should I stop completely and if I do stop completely what should I do about those instances when I get that urge and no ones around.


I'm sry, but Intactivist u don't make sense I can't find to many connections yea

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    It's a coincidence! Dude, God doesn't care if you masturbate....really! It's more likely that you are just feeling guilty and self conscious about masturbating so when you do it you notice bad things happening more often than not because you are looking for it. But it's all in your mind!

    Look at it this way, 98% of all guys age 12 and over masturbate regularly. The other 2% are lying! We all do it. Bad stuff happens to some of us all the time and it seems like bad things never happen to other people. For most of us, you take the good and the bad. But we all masturbate, so the two things can't be related!

    Another way to look at it is, masturbation is not a sin. Nowhere in the bible does it say it's wrong to masturbate. It's not mentioned even once, but all the other sins are. Doesn't it seem like if God didn't want us to masturbate he would have told us that. Plus he wouldn't have given all of us the natural instinct to do it. The universe is not so badly designed! God is not that silly and he says exactly what he means. People decided that masturbation is a sin (with nothing biblical to back it up) not God.

    And even another way to look at it is this way: YOU WILL NEVER STOP MASTURBATING! People have tried to quit before and it always fails. The reason is because it's a natural biological instinct for you to ejaculate every so often. Semen builds up in your body every so often and with it so does testosterone (which makes you horny). Eventually, you will have to rub one out or you'll go crazy! Even if you will yourself not to do it, you will still blow your load in your sleep during a wet dream if you don't take care of buisness yourself. So knowing that your body is designed to work that way and that masturbation is as normal as taking a dump, why try to stop it?

    BTW, when bad things happen, it's not because God has made it happen. God does not cause bad things to happen to men in the world. Bad things happen as a result of Satan's influence and wicked people. God does allow Satan to do evil on earth, but he's not doing it himself. And that evil will only exist until Jesus returns.

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    I don't think that you understood what Intactivist meant.

    If you look for a connection between masturbation and something bad happening, you will be sure to find it, whether or not they are related.

    Conversely, if you were to look for something good happening in relation to masturbating, you would also find that.

    If God didn't want you to masturbate, do you think that He would have made it feel good? Do you think that you would have hands to masturbate with?

    Most religions preach something wrong with anything sexual that feels good.

    It DOESN'T say anywhere in the Bible,"Thou shalt not masturbate."

    There is something very unspecific that says something about spilling seed on the ground, but that is easily avoided.

    I masturbated daily for years, whenever I didn't have sex. I had good days and bad days. So, every time I had a good day, it was when I masturbated.

    It's also healthier for the prostate, reduces sexual tension, and you can't catch any diseases from it.

    Isn't it strange how religions preach the wrongness about most aspects of sex, and yet some of the worst perverts are the ones doing the preaching?

    Ted Haggard, Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, the Catholic priest scandals,--- just about all denominations. They certainly don't practice what they preach!!

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    You do know that you are supposed to masturbate in private, right?

    Masturbating in front of everyone, generally just wierds them out.

    Seriously, if God really cared anything about people masturbating, everyone would have seriously bad days all the time. Since this doesn't happen to the majority of people, I assure you it isn't happening to you either.

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    Do it at the end of the day.

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    I'd stop. That is quite a laundry list of bad things happening and it doesn't even include all of the kittens god is killing!!! lol

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    that's unfortunate but god doesn't seem to mind me masturbating, if you look for connections you will find them

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    no don't stop

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