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Can someone PLEASE explain what this poem means?

Can someone PLEASE explain what this poem means?

I just read this poem, and I really don't understand it, will someone be willing to explain it? Also, what are some of the poetic devices in this poem?

Coup de Grace

Just at the moment the Wolf,

Shag jaws and slavering grin

Steps from the property wood,

Oh, what a gorge, what a gulf

Opens to gobble her in.

Little Red Riding Hood!

O, what a face full of fangs!

Eyes like saucers at least

Roll on seduce and beguile.

Miss, with her dimples and bangs,

Thinks him a handsome beast;

Flashes the Riding hood smile;

Stands her ground like a queen,

Velvet red of the rose

Framing each little milk tooth

Pink tongue peeping between.

Then, wider than anyone knows,

Opens her minikin mouth

Swallows up Wolf in a trice;

Tail going down gives a flick,

Caught as she closes her jaws.

Bows, all sugar and spice.

O, what a ladylike trick!

O, what a round pf applause!

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    well the title means a deathblow delivered to end the misery of a mortally wounded victim or finishing stroke or decisive event, which in this case uses the literary device of irony, because the first stanza makes it seem as if the wolf is going to eat little red riding hood just as in the original story. there is also a lot of alliteration used in the poem which is the repetition of letters or sounds like in the first stanza gorge, gulf and gobble were used. there are similes used " eyes like saucers","stands her ground like a queen".

    To look deeper into the poem which may not be what needs to be done, but the poem can also be looked at as a metaphor about underestimating little people and little people not being afraid of the "big bad wolf" or people who may seem intimidating at first glance.

    i may have read to much into this, but i hope this helps...good luck

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    well maybe that's the peom of little red riding hood you know like before it was a story

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