how do you pronounce Puccini's opera "Turandot"?

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    From the Persian words meaning Daughtor of Turan, the word was originally Turandokht, with the k and t clearly pronounced. However, Puccini never pronounced the k and t, and the singers who first sang the title role of the opera never did iether, since these letters, in the place where they are in the word, are all but impossible to pronounce while singing. So, to answer you're question, the proper "Puccini" way of prounouncing the opera is just as it sounds, Ter--an---dot.

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    i'm italian so be sure you must pronounce it like it's written:

    tur (like tour)

    an (like UN-countable)

    dot (like dot)

    somebody lije pronouncing it with the silent T (i mean the last letter) but it's not must say turandot

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    1 decade ago

    Tour - ran - dot.

    Tour like in "Tour de France"

    Ran like in "I ran to the the bus"

    dot like in "polka dot"

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  • 1 decade ago

    Tour - an - dough ("d" is silent)

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    Maybe :


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