Where to find Coaxial cable to Audio Video cable?

We just bought my son a 27 inch TV off craigslist for his birthday and never bothered to check to see if it had audio video inputs. I suppose I was just thinking at this day in age what TV doesn't have them. This one apparently. I am smart enough to figure out that I need some sort of converter from coaxial cable to an audio video. What I am clueless is where to find it. Radio shack here is small and will undoubtedly be a bust. I've looked on eBay but maybe I'm just not phrasing in correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I found great deals at Radio Shack, Walmart or Ace Hardware. Try www.radioshack.com. Ace Hardware if you have one in your locality is just as good as Radio Shack. www.walmart.com. They sell it. If you find it online, they will deliver for free to your local Walmart. Good luck

    Source(s): Experience. I use Ace Hardware and Walmart alot for all my electronic needs.
  • 4 years ago

    Impossible to do what you want to do. The signal on the coax is scrambled and has to enter some type of cable box. You could put a splitter on the coax after it leaves the box and send the signal to your tv, but you will have to watch whatever is on the main tv. Sorry.

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