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less reps more weight or more reps less weight?

If Im working biceps, triceps and shoulders which would be considered the best for burning calories and building muscle? For instance 50 reps of a 10lb weight or 25 reps of a 20lb weight? Or does it even matter?

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    John, to maximize the workout, you want to find a weight that's just right for the muscle or group that each lift or exercise works, allowing you to do at least 8 reps but no more than 12-15 (12 for the upper body, 15 for the lower).

    If you can't do 8 reps, use less weight. If you can easily go past 12 or 15, add more.

    It matters because you want to stress your muscles the right amount, whether your goal is to tone them or enlarge them. If you're all about enlarging, go for the low end in reps (still gotta do 8!), with the most weight you can handle.

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    numerous trainers that i have been to have all told me that you should experience muscle failure at about 8-10 reps for the best results. you should also do 3 sets of this.

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