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The name of a chick lit book about an english woman on a plane, she thinks her plane is going to crash so..?

okay so i read a book a few years back, but i can not remember the title for the life of me. I'm also a little bit hazy on the plot right now, i only remember a few details but i think it should be enough to piece it together.

it started out with the lady on a plane (from glasgow i think), and they hit turbulence. she has a fear of flying so she starts to spill her gutys to the man next to her. she tells him every bad thing shes ever done and all her embarassing moments ect. after shes finished she realized that the plane has passed the turbulence and that shes is clutching the hand of this stranger and spilling her guts for nothing.

i remmebr that a few days later at she is at work rushing around to prepare for the owner of the company to arrive. this was unexpected because his co-owner had died a year earlier and he stepped back form business for a while.

when the owner arrives she discovers it is the man from the plane. he pursues her but shes embarassed blah blah blah.

i remember one part where they are on a date and he offends her somehow and she decides to leave and walk home herself even though it is raining. he tried to follow and get her in the car but she was stubborn and i think she takes the bus home.

i also remember she doesnt like her snobby sister. one day at the company's family picnic her sister was going on about how she had all these contacts and she told the man that she knew the top guy of the company (who would be the man shes talking to)

i really liked this book, and i want to see if there is a sequel becuase it seemed like the beginning of a series. also, i'd reccomend it to anyone!

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    is it Can You Keep A Secret by Sophie Kinsella

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