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best swiss army knife?

does anyone know which swiss army knife is the best for a cadet excise and where to get it in Toronto?

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    I haven't actually seen many Swiss Army Knives in the Army - most soldiers tend to prefer Leathermans and other larger, more durable multitools. Victorinox is the preferred brand of Swiss Army Knife (and I think the only official one left, after they absorbed the French-Swiss rival)

    A good Swiss Army Knife or multitool should have:

    - A blade

    - Tweezers

    - Miniature scissors

    - Pliers

    - Screwdriver

    - Can opener

    - Wire stripper (not sure if cadets would need that, but I've found them useful before)

    The Victorinox SwissTool range would be a good place to look, albeit a bit pricey. You might have to order them off the internet. Don't be afraid to go for a cheaper generic brand... heck, I found my favorite multitool lying in the dirt, probably dropped by some careless young Lieutenant.

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