What is the purpose of fasting?

Okay so i am not a muslim, i am not jewish, i am not christian. I am just a being of consciousness however i am fasting this month, because i want to. i decided that it needed to be done, and that over this period of fasting (a month) i would figure out WHY i was doing it and by the end i would have some sense of spiritual guidance.

Now my question is, what do you believe the purpose is. I received A LOT of resistance from everyone around me...some of my friends say they don't see the point and they think its stupid, and it bothers me because i did not ask any of them to do it with me, i did not even ask for support, i just figured i would get it considering these people are my family and friends.

I'd like to know your thoughts and whether or not you think its "worth it".

Even if i get nothing out of this month, i still think it's worth it.

so far my reasons are:

to try to understand suffering and gain compassion.

to focus on other things

to improve my self control

because i want to.


Also, i need general answers also, not just ones that pertain to religion

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    1 decade ago
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    Increase your soul and reduce your desires

    Cleans your body and so many other benifits.

    Its also an order for all those before you and all those after you from the Lord.

    All religions believe in some format of fasting as a purification of the soul, mind, body and blood, it can also flush out all evil from your life.

    Allah is not with limits he can do anything for those who believe, what does he need it for? LOL!

    There is a grand reward for those who fast, that he is not going to reveal to us until we got to heaven, there is a massive grand unimaginable reward a gate that only those who fasted with sincerity to have his pleasure and earn his blessings, mercy and forgiveness will get.

    There is much knowledge you can seek in this religion even if you don't want to be muslim. The lines never broke, only some camels backs and surely that was also order not to do.

    Salam Alaikum

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    people fast for many reasons! the key in fasting is somewhat flawed, but still entertaining! this is what people think: I wont eat so the starving man can! thats not true! the food your not eating is going down the drain! Now, i have fasted for MMA, but it is also something i have done while meditating. it builds self control self confidence, and self determination!

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    Not eating food for a day is beneficial for health. It gives your body a chance to really full digest everything you have in your stomach and cleanse your stomach.

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    1 decade ago

    Your reasons are the ones I would say. I would go with those.

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    i dint think fasting is good, cuz ur body needs protein and calcium, and u can only get that from what you eat, so if people fast, they have a higher chance of getting diabetes from having low blood Sugar.

    i had the "skool is kewl survey, thanks for answering it :)

  • Well my friend is a hindu, and she fasts every thursday.. part of her religion.

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