What is the volume of methane at Standard temp and pressure?

A bacterial culture isolated from sewage produced 33.6 mL of methane, CH4, at 21°C and 753 mmHg. What is the volume of this methane at standard temperature and pressure (0°C, 760 mmHg)?

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    One way is to use the Ideal Gas Law: PV = nRT where P is the pressure, V is the volume, R is the Ideal Gas Constant, T is the temperature in K, and n is the number of moles of gas.

    So: V = nRT/P a) Convert the grams of CH4 to moles using 16gm = 1.0 mole of methane gas, b) Enter the temperature in K, the pressure, c) enter the ideal gas constant, and d) solve for V.

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    methane acts like a ideal gas

    every ideal gas has the same volume at standard temp and pressure

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