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i cant access anything on my laptop!!! HELP!?

ie been using safe mode for the past month or so because i cant access ANYTHING on my laptop, no programs at all, or anything!!!!

i dont know what to do to fix this ive tried using avg but it says no threats found...

PLEASE HELP ME get my laptop back!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Try to use Disk Check. IF this doesn't work, get all your files out and reformat the disk and reinstall xp (look for tuts online.)

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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    in case you won't be able to see the force, you won't be able to change protection rights. you want to login as someone who has rights to look on the c: force. both log in as your brother and fix it, or attempt utilising the default administrator account - consumer call Administrator , no password (with any success no human being has replaced the password). in case you get icons instead of a login on the spot once you restart the computer, you want to ctrl-alt-del two times to elevate the login on the spot because the Administrator icon does no longer seem once purchasers were created.

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