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Will there be an anti US backlash because of the Economic crises ?

Markets fell when they heard US banks were no longer solvent

They rose and fell again while the bailout was talked about and then fell sharply after the bailout was passed

World economies are being directly affected by the banks - paying little attention right now to the 700 billion being used to bail out poor investments

The US must now sell an additional 700 Billion in Treasury Bills off shore --- Japan and China have been the 2 largest buyers of these bonds -

When the bond is due the Treasury must give the money back with interest - The debt of the Treasury might well impact the nations credit rating (higher interest on loans )

The US economy is sputtering and shaking up the world - will they be in a hurry to bail out America by buying more US debt ?

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    Of course there will.

    Nearly every thing that has occured as a result of Bush-politics has created anti-US backlash. Why should foreign investors losing their money be any different?

    it will robably also promote the rise of socialism is the soviet union, the strengthening of the communist party in China, and put us back where we were in the 1940s.

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    I doubt it, the countries whose economies are suffering are just as culpable for allowing their banks to get too heavily invested in unstable, highly leveraged securities like US banks did. Some countries, like Japan, China, and Saudi Arabia, are still doing quite well in spite of the US's woes.

    The debt of the Treasury bonds isn't much to worry about, the securities and equity being bought up with the money will, in the end, vastly outweigh the debt+interest that is owed.

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    Too bad the Democrats opposed regulation of the industry in the first place.

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    i do not think there will be an anti-american backlash due to the

    econimic crisis, good question.

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