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Yugioh deck contest 3!?

This time around its not based on a certain theme, this time you have to make a deck a videogame character would use.


Advanced format

The deck has to fit with the character

Best answer to best deck

Good luck.

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    Kratos from God of War himself would use these cards himself for their pure power.


    x2 Jinzo

    x2 Great Maju Garzett

    x1 Sangan

    x1 Reflect Bounder

    x1 Des Lacooda

    x1 Don Zaloog

    x1 Necro Gardna

    x1 Blade Knight

    x1 Amazoness Swords Woman

    x1 Treeborn Frog

    x1 Asura Priest

    x1 Spirit Reaper

    x1 Injection Fairy Lily

    x1 Night Assailant

    x1 Marshmallon

    x1 D.D. Warrior Lady

    x1 Mask of Darkness

    x1 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

    x1 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

    x1 Grave Squirmer

    x1 D.D. Assailant

    x1 Goblin Attack Force

    x1 Kinetic Soldier

    x1 Slate Warrior


    x1 Swords of Revealing Light

    x1 Scapegoat

    x1 Mystical Space Typhoon

    x1 Reasoning

    x1 Card Destruction

    x1 Monster Reincarnation

    x1 Magical Mallet

    x1 United We Stand

    x1 Monster Reborn

    x1 Double Summon

    x1 Riryoku/Smashing Ground (i switch the two often)

    x1 Axe of Despair


    x1 Spell Shield Type-8

    x1 Torrential Tribute

    x1 Karma Cut

    x1 Dimensional Prison

    x1 Magical Cylinder

    x1 Divine Wrath

    x1 Secret Barrel

    x1 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

    x1 Bottomless Trap Hole

    x1 Mirror Force

    x1 Ultimate Offering

    This is my own personal non-themed deck.

    Source(s): my great knowledge of the yugioh tcg and Kratos is freaking awesome
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    The yugioh video game character's deck I shall create is... Crowler's!

    So here it is!

    Relentless Ancient Gear Storm

    Monsters x20

    3x Ancient Gear

    3x Ancient Gear Knight

    3x Ancient Gear Soldier

    3x Ancient Gear Beast

    3x Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon

    2x Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera

    3x Ancient Gear Golem

    Spells x16

    3x Geartown

    3x Ancient Gear Castle

    2x Ancient Gear Tank

    2x Polymerization

    1x Spell Gear

    1x Mystical Space Typhoon

    1x Heavy Storm

    1x Limiter Removal

    1x Monster Reborn

    1x Brain Control

    Traps x4

    3x Sakuretsu Armor

    1x Torrential Tribute

    Extra Deck x2

    2x Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem

    I think this would be Crowler's ideal deck. It would need a few tweaks to go in today's tournaments though I bet it would do quite good. I've seen the Yugioh GX season and I'm sure if it showed Crowler again this might just be that deck played.

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    My video game character of choice is my favorite of all-time, Link from the Legend of Zelda series.

    I didn't make this deck specific for this character as I made this deck months ago, but, after looking through the decklist, realized it would be a perfect fit for him.

    It contains alot of Plant monsters and monsters from the Forest and it includes, what I would think would be Link's favorite monster, Fairy King Truesdale. Well that's my explanation and here is my deck.

    Gigaplant Deck

    Main Deck (41)

    Monsters (18)

    3 Gigaplant

    2 Fairy King Truesdale

    1 Grasschopper

    1 Cyber Dragon

    1 Breaker the Magical Warrior

    1 Snipe Hunter

    3 Lonefire Blossom

    2 UFO Turtle

    1 Sangan

    1 Marshmallon

    1 Lord Poison

    1 Arcane Archer of the Forest

    Spells (16)

    1 Monster Reborn

    1 Heavy Storm

    1 Mystical Space Typhoon

    3 Swing of Memories

    1 Brain Control

    2 Lightning Vortex

    2 Double Summon

    1 Future Fusion

    1 Dragon’s Mirror

    1 My Body as a Shield

    2 Card of Safe Return

    Traps (7)

    1 Mirror Force

    1 Torrential Tribute

    3 Threatening Roar

    1 Dust Tornado

    1 Ultimate Offering

    Extra Deck (3)

    3 Superalloy Beast Raptinus

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