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Starting QB for fantasy - McNabb or Phillip Rivers?

Rivers is league leading, but faces the Patriots this weekend in San Diego.. Mcnabb going up against SF 49rs at SF

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    Either way I think you're going to have similar points, but I would go with Rivers simply because it will be much more fun to root for him. He's going to bring his "A" game because he truly detests the Patriots. Of course the Eagles/Niners game should be pretty interesting as well, but you're going to enjoy watching that Chargers/Pats game a lot more, especially if you've got Rivers. I think they're both good for 14 points this week, but you're going to hang on the edge of your seat for every point Rivers gets you because HE IS PISSED.

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    I'd go with Rivers. He has been playing so well, and Westbrook won't be 100% so that will put more pressure on McNabb. Although lets not forget LT isn't 100% either so that might play into how well Rivers does.

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    bypass with Philip Rivers. Rivers is dealing with a Chiefs protection this is twenty 5th interior the league in passing yards given up and twenty fourth in entire factors allowed. McNabb struggled final week against Oakland this is in trouble-free terms a step greater perfect than the Chiefs and could this week will face a Redskin team this is third in passing yards allowed and 5th in factors allowed.

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    this is obvious the 49ers d is not very good the only reason they are winning is becuase of frank gore and jt osullivan. Start mcnabb

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    The Pats D is nothing to fear of so start Rivers. Besides, the Eagles could be without Westbrook, their best RB and second best WR.

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    McNabb all the way.

    He's good, in case you didnt know.

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