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I wan to move to Calgary or Edmonton -- Alberta frm Montreal ---- Any prefferred work agencies Relocation comp?

where do I contact in Montreal to get a job in Calgary or Edmonton. Are there agencies to help relocate to Calgary frm Montreal. I heard

Alberta is shot in labor --they need people--- and also I dont speak French--So really not much use in Montreal --- Please advise for relocation.


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    Hello! First of all I need to know a few things about you. What type of work are you looking for? What is your education? How old are you? If you are looking to move to Alberta, let me forewarn you - it is quite expensive here for rent/mortgage payments.

    If it is BIG BUCKS you are looking for....this is the place to be. But you have to come here with a good head on your shoulders.... and if anything, please hear me.

    Get into the TRADES. Do you know that you could come here, have a camp room provided....and make 40 bucks an hour, 80 bucks an hour on the weekends (double-time on weekends), and put ALL your money in the bank? You get paid each week when you join a union, and CLEAR each week $1000+ to 3500 after taxes, and all other deductions! Take home each month, you ask? On average 5-12 grand a month! CALL THESE UNIONS in Edmonton:

    -Carpenter's Union Local 1325

    -Plumbers and Pipefitter's Union Local 488

    -Boilermaker's Union Local 146

    -Electrical Union Local 424

    -Labourer's Union

    They also need Camp attendents that make around 26-27 $ an hour.

    These unions also pay 10% holiday pay on EACH CHECK. But you will need to go up to Fort McMurray to get into camp. If you choose to go there for work....stay in camp (no cost to you....they pay for your room and food) you can put over $100,000 in the bank in 2-3 years.... maybe more. But you must be very level-headed:

    Stay out of the bars......

    Stay away from the drugs.....

    Always keep a good head on your shoulders......

    And you will walk away a VERY well-off person in a couple years.

    Just ask me? My home in the Rockies will be paid for in 2 years. I just bought it this summer!

    Good Luck! I hope this helps! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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    You don't need a relocation company or work agency. You are free to get on a plane or bus and come to Edmonton or Calgary and look for jobs. There is no job shortage here, you should find one quickly.

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