Non-Americans, can I ask you a question please?

When you first started hanging around Answers were you completely shocked by how ignorant, lazy and shiftless the majority of the posters seem to be here?

Or, did you already know?

Please don't think all Americans are like this. We aren't. Many of us, work hard, get educated and pay our bills on time.

But, the idiots are taking control of the asylum, from Washington on down.

Any of you have room for a thin, hard working, family of 4?

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  • zaT
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    1 decade ago
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    I've been contributing to different forums since -98 so Y!A has not been able to provoke any new feelings about Americans for me.

    I know better than to think that a selected few represents everyone in a country with over 305 million citizens. But I do point and laugh at the stupid ones as individuals no matter what country they come from including my own. I do rant about stupid Americans now and then I admit that, but, that's only the stupid ones not all Americans.

    Once assumption that many Americans make is that everyone that's posting in English is American or possibly British or Australian, but most likely American. Because of that you collect all stupid people online and claim responsibility for them. Stop doing that, they are not your problem.

    We have plenty of stupid people too, luckily most of them are too stupid to be able to write in English so they don't embarrass us much. =/

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A Victorian British insult leveled at the US was that it was not so much a democracy but more a mobocracy!

    Well you've certainly carried that attitude with you to the Internetz ;o)

    Really though, most of us aren't fooled. Every country has its fair share of imbeciles, and unfortunately a few more of them got access to the net quicker in the US! The rest of us are now exporting our own vermin online so beware!

    We know most of Americans are those like yourself Gem, and most of the Americans I know personally are excellent and intelligent people.

    More importantly, don't give up on your country which is still a great and brilliant nation with the majority of its story still to tell. The imbeciles in Washington will come and go as long as the sane ones amongst you speak out when you know something is lunacy.

    All countries feel like they are only a thread away from going to hell in a hand basket, but it rarely ever descends into chaos in a civilised nation...unless you're French, in which case it seems tradition now to try and overthrow your government every 30 years or so! England's been around for a thousand years now and we've been run by some real cretins in our time. Many of them in the past 50 years! But we're still here, we've not disintegrated yet!

    America is at its best in a crisis, and despite recent events I'm still full of respect for the people of the USA. You get your asylum back under control!

  • molly
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    1 decade ago

    If anything yahoo has given me a better insight into all people and don't worry some Australians are just as bad in fact I think all countries have a fair few idiots in them I must say though election time seems to bring out the worst in people.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I knew there were some Americans that are pretty ignorant but I couldn't believe the stuff they were coming out with.

    In one answer I said that I was Irish and they started arguing that they were more Irish than me because I didn't do Irish dancing.

    Some of it is just shocking but there are idiots in every country.

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  • 1 decade ago

    but its not only americans on yahoo, and don't worry i don't think that ALL americans are lazy etc.

    no i don't have room for a family of 4.. sorry..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    each country has it's fair share of ignorants.


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