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? asked in Education & ReferenceHomework Help · 1 decade ago

need help please...................?

methane gas reacts with steam (water) to produce carbon monoxide gas and hydrogen gas.write the balanced formula equation for this reaction

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    Methane is CH4

    Water is H20

    Carbon Monoxide is CO

    Hydrogen Gas is H2

    CH4 + H20 = CO + H2

    That much you get from the word problem. Now you need to make sure you have enough molecules on each side. At the moment , you have enough C molecules (1 on each side). You have enough O molecules (1 on each side). But you have 6 H molecules on the left and only 2 on the right. This means the equation is not balanced. To balance it is quite easy - you will need 3 of the H2 on the right hand side. So just put a 3 in front of it and you're set.

    So the equation is this:

    CH4 + H20 = CO + 3H2

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    Methan is CH4

    Water is H2O

    Carbon Monoxide is CO

    Hydrogen is H2

    Therfore CH4 + H2O= CO+H2

    This is not balanced, so balancing it makes;

    CH4+H2O= CO+ 3x(H2)

    All of the numbers,except the final '3', are subscript but i dont know how to do subsript in this window.

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