Does anyone understand that a new President wont fix the country?

Am I the only one here that realizes that just by electing a new president (Obama or McCain) will not fix the country? Apparently people dont realize that congress and the senate have much more to do with how our country is run than the President does. If you want to change things up then its time to vote in new senators and new congressmen. These old guys that have been there for 10 - 20 - 30 years are WAY out of touch with the country. Get some new blood in there people !

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    The President is merely a puppet of the government. He/she has advisors, etc. that tell him/her what to say/do.

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    I disagree with your statement. While it's true the House and Senate actually create the legislation, it's the President that signs it into law. Unless Congress has enough votes to override a veto, they have no power to undermine the President.

    But more important than the procedural aspect, having a new President potentially represents a new philosophy and a new approach to handling problems. Bush has basically had a "my way or the highway" attitude to most issues. Both Obama and McCain promise to work with both parties to try and work together on solutions to our nation's problems. Now you can choose whether this promise is worth a grain of salt or not, but it does represent a different approach than Bush.

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    I do... that is why I am going to vote for the president that I like more and feel more comfortable with and choose more carefully with my congressmen... My husband and I have decided that we are going to vote out the incumbants in our district for U.S. congress to get some new blood into office... I hope that more people will do this as well... we really need to get the old stalemates out of there.... It's in our best interest I believe...

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    I don't think its the President's job to 'fix' the country because the country isn't broken.

    The new President will make changes to the way the money is spent and I would prefer to give Obama the job to spend my tax dollars, and implement new policies and directives than to let McCain sit there and get paid for doing nothing.

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    Ironically... the worse the financial situation gets, the less of an advantage it will be for Obama.

    If it is not seen as solvable by either candidate, then it is a neutral issue. Movement in the polls away from Obama would seem to back up this theory.

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    With the help of more Dem Senators and congressmen, Obama has the vision necessary to help American citizens for a change. You know, that old "of by and for the people" thing.

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    Whoever is elected will have their hands tied

    What we can do is elect the man that will not hurt the economy further

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    Yes it will, becuase we will get rid of the 5 obstructionist Republicans. In fact, the Republican party will have to change or become obsolete, as it did in the 30's after the last depression.

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