I like him, his best friend likes me. What can I do?

i have a problem. :S

i've liked this guy named jake for a while now, but today jake told me that his best friend chris likes me.

i have nooo idea what to do, cause chris isnt my type, but i've liked jake for a long time!

what can i do?!

also, i have a feeling jake likes me too, but he wouldnt do anything since chris said that he likes me.

does anyone have any advice?!

if it helps, im 15.

and please no rude comments :)

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    1 decade ago
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    Hmm well that sucks...

    I dont know try talking to Jake about it that u dont rlly like Chris that way so he can tell Chris... And i dont know wait a few days or maybe a week and flirt with Jake and see if hes up to going out with u now that Chris understand u dont like him {:

    Kay pce!

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