What happens if you steal (300) from a store and you aren't caught at the spot but your license plate wastaken?

I know someone who stol a bunch of random stuff (protein, drinks, white strips...etc) and in the store the people were givin him the eye and he walked out with it all without paying ( it was less than 500) and some random people were watching him while he walked out. Also, he was caught on tape.

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    I will totally disagree with the above poster. Taking $300 of items and walking out the door cannot be proven in a court of law that you "forgot" to pay. So much for that defense.

    The moment you walk out the door ( past the cash registers and outside the front entrance) it is theft. If it has also been caught on store tapes, even better in court. If Loss Prevention or a store manager calls the Police with the plate number, they will know who is involved and can react accordingly.

    The individual might expect a letter summoning him to court or a visit by the local police if the store decides to pursue it that far. That is up to the store policy.

    Depending on state law, felony theft is defined at either $300 or $500, so it is unknown what the exact charge could be.

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    with the secerity that stores have now adays. they problity know exactly who it was before he left. if the store was bugged by this issue they could arest that person emidely. if the person can prove that they forgot to pay by accident they can get off will a little fine, and the price of the item/items.

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