This one really spells it all out. What do you think about this new ad focusing on the Obama-Ayers connection?

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    1 decade ago
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    They're just stuck in a loop like a broken record/skipping CD.

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    If Obama did not know about the background of Ayers then he is not as well educated as we think. The War protests were a big part of the 1960s and early 70s. Even if Obama was not paying attention at the time, he had to have studied it in American History class.

    If Obama really thinks we believe him when he said even though he went to church with Rev Wright for 20 years he never heard Wright make his white hating or America bashing comments then Obama is not a good judge of just how smart Americans are.

    Obama is getting hung up by his connections and his lies about them.

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    The "Ayers Effect" is already factored into the polls that show Obama with enough electoral votes to win the election. People have heard about Ayers, and don't consider it a big enough issue to counteract all of the many reasons that they have to vote for Barack Obama.

    The election is over, and McCain's political career will be over if he doesn't begin trying to run the kind of positive campaign that he promised the American people.

    He's already having to defend Obama against viscious hate speech from his own supporters. That ad will probably never run.


    Just want to add a big LOL to those who are saying that the media refuses to cover the Ayers "connection". Give me a break, it's been reported to DEATH.

    What the media should do is replay over and over the video of the oh-so-sincere Senator McCain bemoaning the negative campaigning that goes on, and promising not to engage in it. The election is over; he needs to work on his legacy now.

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    This Ayers thing is a non-starter for McCain. It's very interesting for the people who are already voting for McCain, but undecided and soft Obama supporters don't seem to care.

    Perhaps they should care, but they don't, and those are the votes McCain needs. McCain would be better served by offering a better, more focused economic plan, and somehow presenting himself as an ethical statesman.

    When he corrected the woman who claimed Obama was an Arab and called for a civilized dialog, THAT was helpful.

    But keep on banging away at that "palling around with terrorists" angle. It will lose the republicans the election for sure.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Get this and get it straight! If Ayers was in ANYWAY a danger to the US he would be in prison. No he does not regret the bombs, he felt it strongly motivated the US to get out of Vietnam, a war that the American people loathed. Remember we fought a war one time when we felt the government over us was not right. It was a little thing called by us, THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR. We did a whole lot more than denotate a few bombs in that one.

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    If RINO Henry Paulson hadn't tossed the bomb into the world economy, the Ayers add might make a difference.

    As it sits, Obama's radical left wing associates matter FAR less to folks than his plans for or effect on the American Economy.

    Source(s): Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?
  • bob
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    1 decade ago

    I think it will only cost you guys a couple of points in the polls. Get a clue. No one with a brain cares about this "guilt by association" campaign. Here's my suggestion for the McCain campaign. Get back to the issues since your negative campaign has only lost you support it is time to start campaigning on the things that people care about. Of course McCain will still lose, but at least he could lose with a little dignity in tact!

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    I think the focus on this connection is ridiculous. Obama was not associated in any way with Ayers when he was involved with the radical anti-Vietnam groups/activities. The Ayers that Obama has been associated with is a college professor and a community activist.

    To suggest that any recent connections to Ayers means Obama is a terrorist (sympathizer) is to suggest that a person is defined only by the bad things they do in their life no matter how many good things they do.

  • Banker
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    1 decade ago

    I think I'm not interested in the fight between Obama and McCain.

    This country has great difficulties ahead of us, I have no interest in these two men fighting with one another ; the first one to tell me what HE is going to do to FIX the mess, gets my vote.

    We need a leader, not a winning debater.

    I want people to keep their jobs and homes and cars and 401k's. First one to give half way sensible answers, wins.

  • 1 decade ago

    lol i doubt hed be bombing the capital or any part of his own country were he the president

    mccaine isnt fit to run a country, hed screw stuff up all over again and we cant risk that

    whatev, this stuff will just come up false--he's still got my vote

  • Ingrid
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    1 decade ago

    Utter desperation. I am trying to think whom I associated with almost 40 years ago. Things look different when you are viewing them from kneecap heights.

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