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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 1 decade ago

worried about a close friend who may be doing drugs ?

my friend is always making out with this guy and he is into drugs and stuff and she swears she only did drugs once and swears she only cut herself once why is it always once? i am worried for her but i dont want to make her mad by asking her about it what do i do? thanks a whole bunch in ahead!

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    Obviously you are really concerned about your close friend :0)

    It is difficult as you don't want to loose her, you want to keep her and help her.

    It seems that she may be "needy" of attention, but just not from a friend but a male. If she is not feeling all that great about herself and may have low self esteem, she may be cutting herself for attention as well.

    It is "negative" attention, but she has gotten yours!

    I myself met a lady that cut herself for 12 years, yup, that long. Within one week, I talked to her by listening carefully what the underlying problem was. She stopped and is now "cut free" since 1999.

    I just kept telling her she is loved and all the people in her life that care about her. Try and "up" your friends self esteem by reminding her that you don't want to loose her. You want her around for a long long friendship.

    You can bring it to her parents attention, or someone that you feel she will listen to, someone that she is really close to. They may have some power for her to break down and open up about why she does drugs and cuts herself.

    If you are in school, not sure of your age, you can secretly bring it to the attention of the guidance counsellor, or a cool teacher of your choice that you trust.

    Counselling may not be the choice or way she may want to go, but it definately is good suggestion and somewhere to start.

    Tell her about the risks involved of "cutting or carving" and HIV troubles.

    Just seems she is "crying out for help, silently". You can "silently" help her get on the right track within herself by the above suggestions. She will break one day and let you in hopefully of what the REAL problems and thoughts are that she has about herself.

    Be patient and hopefully all will work out for the best.

    Be observant, like checking her pupils to see if they are small or too big, and if she wears clothing that "hides" cuts.

    Call her on it, even get mad and cry and tell her you love her, you may end up with a big hug and a thank you.

    Hopefully she will listen and think about what you got to say and realize you really are a caring friend.

    ps lots of programs out there too for self esteem and drugs in your area

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    give her a drug test... or just observe the way she acts and see if anything changes..

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