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Why are there no legal consequences in the US for ABUSE OF POWER ?

A BIPARTISAN committee of the Alaskan House has found Palin GUILTY of abuse of power but has found that she did nothing illegal simply because there are no meaningful legal consequences on the books for abusing power .INCREDIBLE !!!!

What is wrong with you Americans?? You rightly rail against the quid pro quo corruption of Washington and fail to realize exactly the same corruption exists in every state legislature.

For months after the Enron scandal ,the public demanded why no charges had been laid and the prosecuters had to embarrassingly admit it was because there were NO LAWS on the books to use to charge those accountable.

For the last 7 years Bush stands accused of massive abuse of power and NO CONSEQUENCES because Impeachment is NOT primarily a legal process but a political one .

Exactly the same thing holds true here where our elected representatives simply do not make any laws that holds THEM responsible .

Maybe EVERY American needs to be the VICTIM of abuse of power before anything is done about this ludicrously unjust situation.


The sheer ignorance and stupidity od some people are manifested by RTHIMBLE who suggests we aske Bill clinton this question.

Poor old RTHIMBLE appears unaware that Clinton was severely punished for his lying about having oral sex by being IMPEACHED .while bugger all has so far happened to bubble head Palin for her abuse of power ,.

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    the abusers make the laws.

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    I couldn't agree more. However, even if there were laws for AOP which called for punishment, more often than not, those convicted would be pardoned by Presidents, Governors, or whomever would have the authority to do so. (Which in a way, would be another abuse of power, right?)

    Those people affected by Palin's AOP certainly can sue for damages, and I certainly hope they do so.

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    If you dont go to washington and enact into legislation making it a crime to purposly Lie to get elected or to mislead the people then YOU will not GO TO WAHSINGTON.

    Make a law that puts them in Jail NOT federal prison

    but in the state prison they are from, in the general population for 20 years. If they knowingly Lie to the people.

    WE need to do this they will never do it. IT has to come from us,.

    Make them suffer if they lie.

    WE dont do it because we are too lazy

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    Abuse of power is a slippery concept. It basically means that someone in power has done something that you disagree with. It could be applied to anything. Your primary recourse is the ballot. We don't chop the heads off of leaders quite so much. That idea has gone away.

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    Remember the October 2004 forged Bush guard documents scandal that ended up ENDING Dan Rather's career?

    Of course you don't we've come to accept dirty politics from the Democrats - this is plain thug Chicago style politics - the same way Obama had his opponent Alice Palmer removed from the ballot in Illinois to get elected as Senator, he is trying to do the same to Palin.

    Fact is that show trial was B.S. from the start - just like the Haditha marines and the Valerie Plame scandal - all were exonerated but not before the political damage had been done.

    It was politically motivated, Stalin and Hussein(the other one) did that to their political opponents as well.

    The real question is what will Obama do if HE gets the white house. The era of socialism in America has begun.

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    Alaska, unlike every other state, has no laws on the books to address conspiracy.

    The Feds have been trying for years to get them to address it, as have their own State Police, but it never seems to get done.

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    There are. The report has been issued. The abuse does not amount to a violation of law. So, there is no punishment. There would be punishment if she had done something illegal. If you read the report you will see that she is faulted by not being proactive.

  • Amy
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    Honestly, I wondered the same thing myself when I read the report.

    They can be sued, but not criminally charged.

  • Anonymous
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    It's enough to make you want to throw up...

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