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Punishing the wealthy?

The Neocons say that the Liberals hate the wealthy - that they want to "punish" them for being "great" by giving them higher taxes. They hand out the old "5% pay 60% of the taxes" line. What they fail to mention is that the 5% they are referring to have 90% of all the money.

Paying 60% of the tax when you have 90% of the money sounds pretty unfair to me - and to most Democrats. Now, the question is: Why do the Reps want to punish the middle class by making them pay an unfair percentage of the tax burden?

Remember: the rest of us have 10% of the money and yet we pay 40% of the taxes.

Should the middle class be punished for being the workforce, the back bone of America? Should the wealthy be gifted for being wealthy? Why do Reps support redistributing wealth away from the middle class?


Mike: You know as well as I that the only people working 80 hours a week are people in the lower classes. It sure isn't the wealthy. Please, try to be genuine. I dare you to go to "Joe Sixpack" and tell him he doesn't work as hard as a rich man.

Update 2:

Don't even get me started on eliminating the Estate Tax! Hah! Did you hear what Grover Norquist said about the Estate Tax?! He compared it to the Holocaust! Seriously!

Update 3:

Darcatone: Like Jesus said "Hands off my piece of the pie!"

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    OMG Palin Power, your as miss-informed and mixed up as your namesake. Never ever in my life have I heard of neocons being referred to as socialist/liberals. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The most ultra-conservative pro-war pro-facist segment of politics cannot even remotely have originated in socialist or liberal thought. Please, please inform yourself before you post.

    You've parsed your question in the language of the republicans. There is no punishment here, it's equity. That's what a progressive tax scale is all about, those that have more, have benefited more from capitalism should do more to contribute to society.

    The problem with today's rich is they see no obligation to contribute to society, no need to help those less fortunate, no desire to be philanthropists. The thought process among republicans and the rich is "I got mine F everyone else, sucks for you!"

    Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Eli Lilly, J Paul Getty, Cornelius Vander Starr, W. K. Kellog just to name a few. There is no compulsion to leave a name for oneself by making society a better place or taking on a cause.

    Paying ones taxes, especially as one of the more wealthy members of society should be considered a good thing. I won't go so far as Biden to call it patriotic, but it does serve the betterment of the nation, and with all the hysteria for nationalism, and pride in nation, and patriotism, it should be a duty and obligation to support the government and those less fortunate than you with tax dollars.

    Instead we have a pack of selfish, self absorbed, sociopaths at the top of our economic scale.

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    We purely observed what happens once you enable the wealthy loose with each and every of the money and no rules, they bypass loopy. The thrilling situation is getting center type human beings to think of the two occasion particularly cares pertaining to to the middle type. the two aspects could not wait to help corrupt banker/investor type felons, who make up an excellent portion of their donors. looks they continuously have a explanation why American workers don't get honest danger. They get taxpayer funded well-being care and that they are going to get their pension, lower back funded by way of the taxpayers. After 4 or 5 words their pension is greater then the earnings they get now. this is us against them and you're enjoying remarkable into their hand in case you think of the two occasion is on your section.

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    The way the troglodytes want to revolutionaize taxation is with the oxymoronic and just plain moronic "fair" tax, which woul;d impose a regressive sales tax in place of the progressive income tax. The complaint is bogus to begin with, because the more you make, the greater your percentage of tax, but even without loopholes, you still take home more than the guy who pays less in taxes, unless it's somebody getting the EIC, who I'm sure those typhoons (blowhard tycoons) would love to trade places with—NOT.

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    Capitalism is a machine oiled by the blood of its workers.

    There are so many things wrong with the US tax code. No matter what anyone says and no matter who wins the election, taxes are going to go up for EVERYONE. I can't wait for everyone to figure how the government has paid for the war of terror, the bailout, etc, etc, etc. Bush and every administration before him, congress, the senate, democrats, republicans, US citizens (for electing these people), are to blame.

    People will say anything to get elected.

    Capitalism doesn't reward hard work, it rewards added value. If capitalism rewarded hard work, then ditch diggers and farmers would be rich and those crooks on Wall street would be poor.

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    The real problem is called GREED!Which is why the neo-cons want a flat tax as well as eliminating the estate tax!Why should they have to pay inheritance taxes on money they never earned?

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    The problem is that you can't write things off until you reach a certain income. So you get taxed more if you can't invest. The trickle down theory has failed...lets move forward and not become a 3rd world nation with no middle class before its too late.

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    It's all about the loopholes.... they don't pay anywhere near 60%... that's a lie straight out of Reagan's "voodoo economics handbook"...

    The wealthiest people in America have no tax burden at all really...

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    Joan.. They have 90% percent of the money. And your point is what ? Other then you believe in Socialism ? If I work 80 hours and my neighbor works 40 hours being able to save less money then me. So because I worked 80 hours I should have to pay more ? Tell me in your socialist mindset how you see that as fair ? Now if our income is taxed at the same rate. Then that would be fair. But to say rich people hold the most wealth as being a legitimate reason for taxing them more. Well that's just pure socialism and you need to move to China if you believe in that.

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    The funny thing that no one realizes is that if Obama is going to raise taxes, then the wealthy will just do the most simple thing to avoid paying taxes. They will pour money into municple bonds, because any profit from that will be tax free. So once again this will not hurt the wealthy, just those that work.

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    yes... when they discuss taxes... they usually leave out the "what percentage of wealth the rich have"... for obvious reasons...

    warren buffet said he pays 15 percent in taxes... of course that's still millions of dollars... but percentage wise... it's less than I pay...

    which is crazy... and I'm tired of it...

    even he thinks it's crazy...

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