What are needed to know in Japanese, that is convincing the listener that I am fluent In Japanese?

I am Chinese, I am very interested in Japanese, and I wish to be confused as Japanese during my holiday to Japan. I have a very good Asian accent, and I want the words, pronunciation, and meaning. I Can learn Languages Really easy due to my effort put into languages and am fluent in English, Cantonese and Italian.

Thank You!

Domo Origato!




My parents haven't told me MUCH about World War II, But, I have enough knowledge about it from Year 8 History to know about it. It's an Interesting language, and who can pass up such a language?

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    Get your accent down.

    People used to think I was fluent though I wasn't - and it was because of my accent.

    5 vowel sounds - pay close attention to them and get them exact because the Japanese do NOT vary from their vowel sounds. Most foreigners mess up the vowels and add their own sounds to them and goof up the "R" sound - get a bit of inflection in there and you're good to go.












    For example: Most foreigners - especially americans - for example - will shorten the "Ah" sound to "uh" because "uh" is a very common vowel sound in our language and our nation is FULL of accents - japanese is not. Americans add "w" to "oh" so instead of "oh" it comes out "owe" - and the Japanese HEAR that.

    Arigato comes out uhreegahtow......master your accent - LISTEN - and the Japanse language is pretty easy to learn - they use pretty standard phrases for everything.... O tearai wa doko desu ka? Kono densha wa Nagasaki shi ni ikimasuka?

    And...be formally polite! LOTS of bowing....

    Source(s): taught japanese the the American military in japan And taught english to the japanese public in japan
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    i too am interested in the japanese language. not only that but their culture too. and i don't give a damn about what happened in WWII. what's done is done. you cant change that. just get the accents down and i think you'll do fine. i don't have much of a problem with japanese words. i thank the fan-subbed animes for that. by the way, you misspelled arigato there my friend.

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    the main advantage you would have is in writing - you wouldn't have to learn all the kanji. as for speaking, you'd still have to learn sentence structures, and they would probably catch you out if you weren't careful with your particles. you'd want to speak in plain form (informal) not masu form (formal). and learn some slang from the local dialect, some places have slang names for certain objects, and not using them shows you're not local.

    edit: i didn't see that the first time

    it's domo arigato, with an A


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    If you're Chinese, why would you like the Japanese...

    Especially if you speak Cantonese, wouldn't that mean you're from the south?

    Have your parents ever told you about WWII, mister? >=(

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    I think you should find a Japanese tutor to tutor you one to one. :D

    Source(s): I am also a Chinese, can also speak Cantonese, but I don't hate Japanese people, lol.
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    definitely, the speed!lol.they are really fast when talking...secondly, the techniques...

    Source(s): i watch anime alot that i learned from it.lol
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