Parents with children who have HFA . . . advice please?

My son is five and has HFA. On the standardized tests he receives for speech he is operating at age level with the exception of sequencing.

I was allowed to review the test once he had taken it . . . and the questions that were marked wrong all had a similar theme . . . and bare with me because this can only be described by example . . .

One of the questions was does afternoon come before morning or night . . . my son answered "both" which is technically correct but obviously not the answer they were looking for . . .

Another question asked my son to put four pictures in sequential order. The correct sequence was first the dog got dirty, second the boy prepares a bath, third the boy gives dog a bath, fourth the boy hugs the clean dog . . . my son could not complete this because the boy technically could have hugged the dog before or after the bath

So, even though my son is technically correct, how do I encourage him to just give the obvious answer . . . how do you explain to a child that sometimes the dumbest answer is best. . .?

And what type of thought is this . . .?

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    ok, my Son has aspergers.. and the thing that we are working on with him is he has to look at both the big picture AND the small one...

    in your example, with the dog- was the dog that got hugged clean or dirty? because that would be the cue to answer that correctly.

    i dont think you can try to explain about the answers to him.. however high functioning he is, he is still a 5 year old, and you really cant reason effectively with a 5 year old.


    ps... in kindergarten my son was asked to color all the M words brown, one of which was a picture of a type of monkey. he didnt color it, and got it marked wrong. When he asked why he got it wrong, the teacher said because you didnt color it. to that he answered her "but it starts with o, not m" the picture, was an orangutan.

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    Hero....don't be a specialist if you are not one for the specific job. Seek help from them or their learning will go into waste or rubbish bin.

    Help others to help you and you just act as per normal to assist only.

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    He is just being very literal, my son's neurologist said to enjoy it, and he will outgrow it. He is PDD.NOS and 7 yrs old.

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