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Letter from romeo to his frind about Juliet. is it good? =)?

Dear friend,

Oh! Rosaline is not who I thought she was. She is ugly compared to another young fine girl I have met at the Capulet ball. You should have seen how Bonvolio and I crashed their party! Thank the Lord the doorman didn’t know how to read. I don’t him that I was not a Montague and he let me in! How goofy is he? There she was, the fairest woman of all, so beautiful and brighter than shining crystal. Juliet is her name. Oh! She makes the stars and flowers go to shame. Smart, beautiful, and way better at dancing. Unlike that Rosaline! A player is what she is. Juliet, a very mature young woman, but if only her name were not my enemy, I would have told all of Verona about her. The night I spoke to her was like a dream that would never happen again, but it was real. A conversation all alone, at night during the quietest time of the day, and on her side of the property. I swear she doesn’t want me to be dead but if she were dead I would be too. She asked me to marry her and I agreed. She is much much better than that old Rosaline of mine. How blind could I have been? Be-witched by looks and not by heart. Fool, fool, oh I’m such a fool. But I am blind no more my fine friend, because I have opened my eyes and heart to a woman who is terribly perfect!

Tell me. How was that girl of yours doing? I am sure she is not as lovely as my Juliet, is she now? Just say the truth, no need to lie. But yes I know I am right and you are wrong!!! Oh she is lucky to have me. I would have been in a grave by now celebrating that I am dead and long gone from that Rosaline. But now, Rosaline is in her grave and I really don’t care. I can’t wait to see Juliet again!

So long friend, for I shall not see the grave any longer but the heavens!

Your Happy friend (who is also

very much in love)



lol...tupac im a girl writing as a boy. and i keep repating to show romeo's hate of rosaline. haha i suck at rhyming =P

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    lolz, umm ye its good

    just 2 things

    its a bit repudiative, like the Rosaline part

    "She is much much better than that old Rosaline of mine. "

    and also, if u can make it rhyme a bit i think it'll be a bit better (idk if thats possible =P)

    good luck bro



    edit: ahaha, woops, never knew u were a boy, ahah..

    lol ye its good, but i still think u lose marks for repeating. idk lol

    g'luck sis

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    Heyyyy I did this last year too! Except I did it from Paris to Juliet. :D

    This is great! Romeo&Juliet is amazing<3

  • it's pretty good..

    PS: in this line"I don’t him that I was not a Montague and he let me in!" dont u mean "i told him" not i dont him

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    aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. i love it. it is so cute!!!!!

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