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Why do some people drink bottled water?

Isn't it a waste of plastic?

I've had it before, but it's not something I ever buy. Tap water's pretty good, and you can always filter it.


Recycling isn't a magic answer. Plastic bottles still fill our landfills and they still do a lot of damage to the environment to be made and to be recycled.

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    ok i know for sure why people drink.

    I am a home owner in Michigan, but currently residing in NJ in a rental apartment.

    when I was in MI, i drank tap water, only cuz every other month I got a report telling me what is in my water, also I paid for water, so it was my right to get the reports on tested water.

    as for living in NJ, in this dump, we sometimes get water, which smells and tastes like rust, and it's brown and it's nasty. when I called the municpal they said it's not coming from the back, its the premises, then i called my land lord and they said it's not them it's coming from the back. personally i dont know who to trust, so I buy bottled water, but I have the 5 gallon bottle with cooler which get recycled, rather than the small bottles.

    also I have seen people in this area who just used tap water got so sick over time, ie their white blood count went down so low, that every scar they got couldn't recover. don't wanna go into detail but these are the reasons for using bottled water than tap.

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    Some people, like my family in parts of Florida, have terrible tasting water. They could either filter it, which costs money, or buy bottled water, which costs money.

    I think it is a personal choice about which you would rather spend money on. Maybe bottled water is cheaper for them than buying filters and the filtering contraption.

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    that's the only water we could actually drink or at LEAST drink. it's nasty drinking from the fountain i thought it tasted great until ppl said it comes from the b.r. but i'll search it and the same from the sink it has zinc bacteria and I live by a massive river . Although when i went to Hungary they told me to drink it from the sink but didn't want too until i did and that was some"banging water" as they say at my school.even if it's filtered i wouldn't drink it.

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    Depends on the area where you live. I live in Dubai, UAE and we have clean water running though taps, though it is still better to drink bottled water, so I would never even think to drink tap water in this country.

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    Good question. It can be better if you think you're pipes are bad. I buy it if I'm away from home and need some water.

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    convenience. and some water supplies [such as my own] still have a chlorine taste even after filtering.

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    i drink bottled water when im away from home. like camping, soccer game, travel. otherwise i dont buy it for home use. What for?

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    Cause they think it's better than tap which is kinda the same thing

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    Convenience for when you are on the go.

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