What is a interesting disease ?

I have this project and I have to find and interesting disease.

I've looked for over 3 hours and I can't find anything that interests me. I don't want anything to disgusting to look at and I want something that has a lot of info and that not a lot of people know about.


I need a topic by tomorrow and at this rate I don't think I'll be able to get one. : ' (

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    Essential Tremor..it is probably the most common neurological disease however, most people have never heard of it..I suffer from it and constantly have to tell people that they do not make me nervous and I am not cold I am just shaky.

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    Meningacoccal Meningitis. That disease is pretty neat. It occurs when the meningitis bacterium enters your blood stream and then thrives in the fluid inside of your head! The emergency test that doctors do to see if you have it is a procedure called a spinal tap. During this process, they take a long needle and stick it in your spinal chord. The liquid drips out into a tiny jar. If the liquid is clear, you are healthy but if the liquid is cloudy then you most likely have the infection. Meningacoccal Meningitis is very deadly. It can be tricky to diagnose because most of the first symptoms are flu like symptoms. The only real difference is that you get a large black/purple rash on your back or stomach and a very high fever. Usually once the disease is diagnosed it is too late to treat. The bacteria start rapidly shutting down your internal organs, and that is irreversible. Luckily there is a vaccination to prevent this disease although it is not needed by most people unless they are college freshmen who plan to live in a dorm because this disease becomes airborne.

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    Porphyrias are a very interesting group of disorders. What might catch your interest is the history behind the disorders. People who were diagnosed with these disorders were prosecuted as either werewolves or vampires. I hope this helps on you search. Of course, if you are truely looking for a disease I'd look into the flesh-eating disease or Leprosy.

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    MS is an interesting disease for they still do not know the cause or source . It could be genetic or they say alot of nurses get it. I think its strange that some autopsies show that they had had it before they showed signs. I don't know, whatever you think!

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    Has a vast amount of information available but is called an invisible disorder because there are no set of visible symptoms nor can the patient be tested for it.

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    Leukemia. These are diseases of the white cells of the blood. There's a ton of research on it. There are many different kinds too, ALL (acute lymphocytic leukemia), AML (acute myelocytic leukemia), AGL (acute granulocytic leukemia), Hodgkin's lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

    There are different types of hemoglobinapathies. These disesases have to do with the red cells. Sickle cell anemia, polycythemia, anemia.

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    You can do research about Lyme Disease

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    Black Plauge


    That's all I got

    Source(s): Hope this helps your prodject
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    i thought of morgellons disease.

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    one who lives will die...

    no one can survive this disease...

    there is no cure for it...

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