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Is Mexico a rural place or urban?? ^_^ heeeeelp mweeeeee?



thanks for answering ^_^

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    Mexico is a country with both urban and rural areas. Most media shows Mexico as a mostly urban area, with small populations, but there are some larger cities that could be called urban.

    In 1790, there were much more rural areas in Mexico than urban.

    In about 1960, half the population lived in Urban areas.

    In 1995, that percent was almost three times as high, with 75% of the population living in urban areas.

    I hope that answered your question.

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    Parts of Mexico are urban while other parts are rural just like the U.S,A.

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    " si fueras bruto" let me put it this way: Is the us a rural place or urban?? I am a mexican who is very proud of being it, so, if mexico were totally rural, could we be able to speak more than 4 languages, going to the space, being the number one exporter of oil to te US? , don think so... you should read a little bit about geography and demography.

    Bybye, hoe, you realize Mexico's a great country, as well as the US...

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    Well, some parts (like Mexico City) are certainly urban, however, like in any country it has its rurul parts as well.

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