Why do increasingly large numbers of men prefer non American women?

Update: No source is necessary, proof that this happens is the number of male respondents to this question at such an early period in it's posting. I am not the only one saying it, and I am not the only one doing it.
Update 2: I can not actually answer on my own question but i think it is funny how the women here primarily want this question dismissed.

Could it be they would prefer American men not to be aware of the options?
Update 3: I am also married to European woman, she is kind and communicates when we have a problem and then it is gone. All I ever got from Many American women was threatened they would leave or it was my fault somehow, now I almost never have any argument.

No more American woman! they are like hamburger BAD FOR YOU!
Update 4: On the Source?

The subject is social, this is a social environment.

You are looking at the supporting evidence.
Update 5: Also, it is I who left the United states for my European woman. and I am NOT the only one.

Who is desperate to get to the united states?
European women?

why when the United states Economy is crashing?
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