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What is the most aggressive type of dog?

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    Gee your all wrong. Jane doe you need to search the internet cause Pits and Rottis are not the most aggressive.

    Dachshunds are the most aggressive.

    Chihuahuas are 2nd on the list.

    These are results from a recent study.

    But any dog can be aggressive. I own 6 Pit Bulls, a Rotti mix, 2 Dachshunds, 2 Chis, a Golden. NONE Of them are aggressive.

    It does not just depend on the owner or trainer. Genetics is also a factor.

    It is NOT how you raise them. It is how you HANDLE them, train them. Not baby them and treat them like a child. Or laugh and think it's cute when your little dogs bark at the big ones. No I don't mean you need to beat a dog to make it listen. It is proper training with positive methods.

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    You can't stereotype by breed that way. It doesn't work like that. And for everyone who said pit bull, golden retrievers and labs consistently score worse on temperament tests than pit bulls. Also, the only dog I've ever been bitten by a was a golden retriever, and I've been around a lot of the dogs on this list.

    Basically, any breed of dog can be aggressive and any breed of dog can be friendly.

    It also depends on what kind fo aggression you're thinking of. Aggression towards humans? Towards other dogs? Towards small animals? Even then it's still not accurate to stereotype by breed, but you could at least narrow your question down some.

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    people are soooo quick to say pit bull...i was expecting it though, i know about 2 pit bulls (not a lot because i live in the UK) and about 5 pit mixes...all of which are in a family with young kids, and are better at greeting people than my husky pup!! (i posted a q 4 month old husky growled at my grandad believe it or not)

    and i have never in my life been bitten but once by a dog and guess what?.... it wasn't a pit! it was a chihuahua...

    the conclusion: there are no aggressive dogs just idiotic morons for owners!!!

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    All dogs can be aggressive. It all depends how you raised it, trained it, and took care of it.

    I have to dogs from the same mother and one is very aggressive but only to protect our family if there is a stranger or so near by and my other one is very gentle and she would never growl at anybody. (They are both German Shepards)

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    Prya's Riot hit the nail of the head.

    There is no one type of most aggressive dog. Any breed of dog can produce a canine that is aggressive, it is dependent on a number of factors which include; genetics, temperament and environment.

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    There is no such thing as the 'most aggressive dog' breed. It depends on how the dog is raised. I dislike it when people say that Chow Chow's and Pit Bull's are the most aggressive breed of dog, it shows that they don't know anything!


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    no dog is aggressive its all on the owners and how they train the dog.all dogs are nice when they are born and how u train it says a lot about you.

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    There is NO most agressive type of dog.

    I have met yorkies, which were highly aggressive. And then I have met pitbulls, which were the sweetest!

    It all depends on how YOU train them.

    No dog is born aggressive, It is all the trainers/owners fault.

    Overall,it is NOT fair to label a certain breed aggressive.

    Hope this answers your question

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    ."Any dog can be taught to be aggressive.. But I've seen small dogs that are aggressive and I've seen large dogs that are. Most dogs that are aggressive, maybe only protecting their territory. "Chihuahuas ", for a small dog and "Rottweiler" for a large dog. these are my opinions, hope it helps you. Good Luck

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    A dog that has not be properly socialized and fears other dogs and people.

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