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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsPhysics · 1 decade ago

Physics: Why is your error so large when you used precision equipment? ?

I did a physics lab and we had to measure the distance between dots made on an air table with a sparker. We calculated the displacement, slope, etc from the graph then calculated it with only numbers and there were errors. Why are there these errors?


Im not exactly sure what the name is, you set it to a certain number and it goes on an air table and makes dots. You then measure the distance between the dots and calculate the velocity, and other things. They are 50 ms apart each.

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    There are always errors.

    What is a sparker? how does it measure distance? It can't be 100% accurate, whatever it is.

    Supply me with more details and i can make a better guess as to your sources of error.

    One thing to note: when you subtract numbers you increase the errors a lot. Consider two numbers, 100 and 102, both with 0.1 % errors. If you subtract them, your error is much larger.

    Max error 102.1 - 99.9 = 2.2

    a 0.1% error becomes a 10% error.


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