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Can you check the grammar of these french lyrics that I wrote?

I wrote french lyrics for an existing song. Please correct my GRAMMATICAL errors, thanks! (I don't mind if the poem sounds dumb)

Par la mer de la nuit je regarde

les oiseaux, argents, beaux, mouche au ciel

Si mes reves pourraient voler comme les ailes

Peut-etre les etoiles brilleront

(I know some words are missing their accents)


The thing is even if somebody can translate it for me, these are lyrics so the syllables might not go with the songs.

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  • lifo
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    Par la mer de la nuit je regarde

    what did yo wanted to say in eglish ?

    Les oiseaux, argents, beaux, mouche au ciel

    I think you wanted to say "les oiseaux, argents, beaux, volent dans le ciel", your english fly can be a verb (voler in french) or this little flying insect (la mouche), here I think you mean the verb "voler".

    Si mes rêves pourraient voler comme des ailes

    First "pourraient" => pouvaient

    then "vole comme des ailes"... means nothing, maybe you should say "si mes rêves avaient des ailes pour voler" (if my dreams had wings to fly - for flying (my english is not perfect so I don't know what to use))

    Peut-être les étoiles brilleront

    Maybe it would be better (if OK for you of course) to say : "peut-être que les étoiles brilleraient"

    Source(s): maybe you should have written it in english and we would have translate !
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  • Rita
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    Si mes rêves POUVAIENT voler comme les ailes (it doesn't mean anything... but well...)

    and "mouche au ciel" doesn't mean anything either.... what did you try to say ?

    you can send me an email if you need help, I'm French and I used to live in Virginia... so my English is quite good

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