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Does A.K.C allow you to show dobermans with uncropped ears?

I just recently bought an AKC doberman stud dog and he has very good potenial to be a show dog but he has his ears natural. I was just seeing if AKC allows natural ears in shows

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    It is very unusual to have a show-quality dog in the US that is not cropped. It would also be unusual for a reputable breeder to sell a show-quality dog to someone who is as unfamiliar with the breed standard as you are. It would also be unusual for a reputable breeder to sell a dog that has been used at stud that has not finished his championship, or at least has some show experience. So, to answer your question, yes, uncropped Dobies are allowed in the ring (check the breed standard, and while you are at it, check pictures of dogs who conform to the standard and see how your dog compares), but be aware that not cropping has an effect on the overall picture of the dog, and affects their outline and profile. It is much harder, though not impossible, to finish a dog (get enough points for their AKC Championship title) that is not cropped. However, given the fact that you have a dog from a questionable backgroundd who is not cropped and was sold to someone who is not familiar with a very basic part of the breed standard, there is little chance that you have a show-quality dog to begin with. Oh, and if you decide to not show him and breed him anyways, at least get him checked for Von Willebrand's, a predisposition for DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy or "Doberman Cardiomyopathy), hip/elbow dysplasia (through OFA or Penn Hip, respectively) and checked for thyroid function, as hypothyroid issues are prevalent.

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    Doberman With Uncropped Ears

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    The DOBERMAN **STANDARD** asks for "ears, normally cropped". This simply implies that they are cropped in a normal manner. Many people choose to leave their Doberman puppy uncropped. These are mostly people who have a Doberman as a pet only and do not exhibit them in competition in the various AKC events. There is no disqualification for uncropped ears, and people can and do show Dobermans that are not cropped, in the US. But, because the overwhelming majority of exhibitors show their Dobermans cropped, perhaps it just looks like there is no choice involved. It is a matter of personal preference as to crop or not crop their puppy and likewise to show a cropped or uncropped Doberman in AKC events.

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    Yes uncropped Dobermans are allowed to be shown in conformation. More & more are being seen now and many are doing very well.There is a wonderful yahoo group for people who show their dogs with natural ears you may want to join.

    I show an uncropped Great Dane and he has done wonderful in the ring against cropped dogs. It is true that some judges are biased when it comes to crop/natural but many are fair. If you ahve a good dog you will do your fair share of winning in the ring no matter if natural or cropped.

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    First of all it is NOT registration, it is a listing, two separate things. Second of all, all these mutts will be called mixed breed on the listing papers they get, or all americans. Thirdly all mixed breeds before they can get listed and a number MUST be S/N. Fourthly the ONLY venues these mixed breeds are allowed in are performance aka agility/obedience/rally etc, and only in stand alone venues. They will not be allowed when in conjunction of an all-breed event. Lastly this program has been in place for months now, and there are all ready many titled mutts, but they will never be bred cause they are all altered. Edit- What do I think? I think it is great, and so do my MANY AKC performance event judge friends. If this helps the struggling clubs financially, why should we complain? I know this will help my club and they are all for it. Maybe you should have paid more attention to the article. Oh and yeah "american bullies" as someone else said are NOT "pit bulls"

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    Natural ears are not a disqualification, soo.. yes you can show a Dobe with natural ears.

    Its not "preferred" and you may have a hard time showing your dog and earning his CH, but you wont be kicked out of the show ring because of natural ears. It just depends on how well the dog fits the breed standard otherwise.. and it may depend on the judge as well... some judges are partial to certain aspects in a breed, and some are more keen to looking at the whole picture.

    Nospaces.. a poodles coat is not "altered" for the show ring.. that would be a disqualification!

    There are certain ways a poodle is suppossed to be clipped, but the coat always grows and the style of clipping can be changed after the dog is done showing.. many breeders dont keep their dogs up with the fancy poofs after the dog has earned its CH title.. they revert to a more simple kennel or puppy cut to maintain their dogs.

    Keeping a poodle in a show coat doesnt invovle altering the coat.. you have to let the coat grow out in certain places, keep it clean, conditioned, clip it short where its suppossed to be, brush it out, and use scissors to shape the "poofs"

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    They probably do allow it now, I know they allow uncropped boxers to show. Typically though it's harder to title them since the majority are still cropped (but I have seen uncropped boxers win in AKC shows).

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    AKC does not set the standards for any breed, it is set by the breed club. the site below will give you all the information on the standards for the Doberman. it states that they are normally showen with cropped ears but not that they have to be cropped.

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    you can show natural ears in the AKC shows, its just a harder road! american judges are encouraged not to put them up for points. and dobe showing is very hard and its expensive!

    as for a stud dog, way too young to call him that, no male should be bred before 2 years of age, when all of his health testing is done (CERF, OFA hips/elbows, vWD, thyriod, cardiac function) and is titled, not all dogs should be reproducing.

    you have breeding rights? what kind of breeder did you buy from?

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    how old is he? if they are going to crop their ears they usually do it at 7-8 weeks. my friend got her dobermans ears cropped at 4 months and they would not post

    you should search for doberman breed standards

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