breast feeding in public?

Am I the only person who is offended by mothers who are not discreet when breastfeeding in public. I was at a food court today when a muslim mother fully covered from head to toe with the usual head scarf covering everything but her eyes whips out her breast exposing her nipple for some time because her infant didn't want to take it. I had to sit there and eat while observing her baby refusing to take to her breast. I'm all for breastfeeding in public if it's done discreetly but why does one have to cover their head if their nipple is in full view? Would anyone else be offended by this while they are trying to eat?


Many of you are missing the point! If it's too sacred to show your face why is O.K. to show your breast? She was directly infront of me (about 2 feet away) and I was trying to look away!! I have many friends that are nursing mothers and I have never seen anything like this!!!

Update 2:

Oh please, you are all hypocrites. If a women was wearing a low cut top and she got stared at people would say she called attention to herself but because this woman is nursing it's O.K. That is so unfair. I'm not saying she can't nurse. I'm just saying she should either wear nursing clothes or put a blanket over at least her breast! (I understand it can be difficult to put it over the baby.) Shouldn't there be manners in everything we do - whether it's nursing, eating, belching, farting, etc.? Shouldn't we have consideration for all? I have rights at a food court too?

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    L.O.L.! Yes, I would be offended even if I wasn't eating.

    I myself breast fed my babies and I have absolutely no problem with doing it in public but I assure you that while feeding my babies this way not one person knew except maybe my husband if he was paying attention.

    Many moms breast feed their babies while at the mall or other public areas and no one is the wiser.

    It is called respect for the people around you.Maybe it's because we ( you and I ) were taught that your body is something special and not something to be put on display and other people are all about " it's only a body part and it's natural" but personally I do not want my kids being exposed to some woman's breast.

    In my opinion it is tacky and disrespectful, maybe it was done to intentionally upset some people?

    But your point about being covered from head to toe and then showing a nipple is Pretty funny ( ironic).

    Okay! I really have to say a feew things after reading some of the answers by a few others.

    #1 It is human nature to breast feed but it is also human nature to see. If you are looking around while in a public area and notice a woman with her nipple out you notice. The person asking the question didn't say she watched her or that she spent anytime at all looking.

    #2 Should she let her baby starve so as not to offend? Of course not but having a baby old enough to go out and about she should know by now that the baby will want to eat and she should plan accordingly.

    This person did not suggest the woman go into a dirty bathroom, but I suggest that all you out there that are quick to demand your rights to expose your nipple to unsuspecting victims should take into consideration others rights as well. Take some responsibility, maybe there is a family near that has moral or religous beliefs, do they not also have some rights?

    #3 Why all the attacks about starring? Sounds to me that it is not the person asking te question that has a problem with a naked nipple but rather those who are overly concerned about whether someone might see it or heaven forbid watch! If it is so appropriate and natural to expose yourself in public for this reason then why would it be a problem if someone was watching? Is it wrong to be curious of such a thing?

    Like I said I myself breast fed and I did it in public, often, but I was a prepared mother and respected every other human being ( children and adults) who may be in the same vicinity as I.

    Whats wrong with common curteousy?

    Why is it a right or neccesity to push your rights and beliefs on another but not okay for it to be the other way around?

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    in case you allowed your infant to cry interior the eating place out of starvation somebody might whinge! a girl must be waiting to feed her hungry infant everywhere, practice, bus, park, domicile, on remarkable of a mountain! although the way society is going, there'll consistently be regulation fits and lawsuits approximately breast feeding in public, that's relatively not the fault of the female nor the child however the fault of our over sexualized international we live in. consistent with danger subsequent time you're in a cafe ask the ‘guy’ starring at you humorous whilst nursing to hold your screaming infant while you could consume, and perchance he might see the form you felt, even for a 2nd. This argument is a vicious cycle of hared in the direction of breast, lady, toddlers and sexuality (or lack there of). Do what you recognize and what feels proper, and tell human beings off gently for being arrogant, ill-pronounced gnats. Have a proper day!

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    When I feed in public I do my very best to be discreet but my child does not like having anything draped over his head. He pulls off any cloth I put over him and when he was a newborn he suffered very badly from reflux so he use to pull of screaming - flashed me for the world to see.

    If he hears a strange noise while feeding he will turn around to have a look - again flashing me.

    I agree that she should probably have put her breast away if her baby was refusing it but take into account that breastfeeding discreetly is not an easy task and the baby has a right to eat.

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    To tell you the truth no i wouldn't be offended. i mean the baby needs to eat to right?and all of this about exposing the kids and husbands to a breast! come on ppl. trust me your kids know waaaayyyy more than you think they know (just by tv and society alone) and you all know d**n well your husbands do to (and if he is staring that hard then i dont believe he respects you ). and for the covering something over your baby's head while he is eating to me that seems like your trying to hide something that shouldnt even be hidden (do you hide when your eating). some of you guys acts like the lady was stripping on the table playing with the food or something. when all she was trying to do was to feed her baby. and to the lady with the "plan your baby food time around the time your about to go out ". you know life is not always planned exspecially with a baby no how hard you try.

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    I prefer to keep eyes off me when I'm breast feeding my son so I do use a blanket and most the time no one even knows, they thing he is sleeping. BUT I feel that it's a woman's choice if she wants to cover herself or not. If I ever feel uncomfortable, i just don't watch.

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    you know i love to see these questions. it shows the ignorance of the united state's people. I just think that anyone who is offended by the woman's breast while she is breastfeeding her child is an ignorant sex obsessed fool!!! honestly, i dont see why its a big deal and why are u staring!!! omg lol if i am breastfeeding my child in public i would like the idea that not everyone is staring, i mean okay if someone sees my breast, fine but staring? lol can u not look away? i mean i breastfed my daughter outside a lake before, i didnt cover up but i was doing it laying down on a towel and the umbrella blocked view. i had a few passerbyers look down, but none of them stared, they all know its a normal thing that many mothers do! lol

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    i think that you should give this woman a break!! as you noticed, she was having trouble gettint her baby to latch on.... if you put a blanket over your baby you cannot see to help the baby latch on!! you obviously have never breastfed and therefore shouldn't be criticising those who do.

    In this case the way you are thinking about a breast (as sexual) low cut tops and short shorts ARE the same thing. Get over yourself and look away.

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    No, I would never ever be offended by a woman breast-feeding it is the most natural thing in the world and the fact that it is so uncommon in this country is a sad thing. It is the best thing a mother can do for her baby and I am glad the woman you saw opted for the food court instead of the restroom or car as so many breastfeeding women are shamed into doing....

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    No. I would not be offended in the least. She is a mother. And her child is hungry. Sometimes its not easy to get a baby to latch on, and trying to hold a baby and a cumbersome blanket can sometimes get annoying. She has to wear her clothing because of her society, in her society her face is the most Beautiful possession she has. The problem with americans is that they are very sexual. Yet we take offense to sex in the public eye. Sex is the most magnified subject on telivision today. If we didnt relate everything to something sexual. You would never consider a mother nursing her baby in public revulting....

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    Why were you staring at her nipple? Would it have been so hard to look away? It couldn't have been THAT big, could it?

    Are you also offended by women who wear low cut shirts and half of their boobs are hanging out of their shirts? Are you offended by women who wear short shorts with their butt cheeks hanging out? What about the low rise jeans and you can see their underwear and/or crack?

    I feel if you are going to be offended by a woman feeding her baby, then I'm certain you are offended by these other things, right? Why aren't you posting about them?

    Just my opinion :) They are like /-\ssholes, everyone has them.

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