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What business does the police have if I harm my own body with drugs?


Don't have to be ********** when answering.

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    None. They have no business at all over what anyone puts in their own body. Now if that person gets pissed and starts to harm other people (unlikely, drugs tend to have the opposite effect) then it becomes police business. But in all my years of drug use, I've never harmed another person because of my use.

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    Drugs (misuse and abuse of) are against the law. It is the job of the police to enforce the law. When you break the law with an illegal substance, it becomes police business.

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    Because people on drugs are capable of harming innocent citizens. If you are going to bring yourself down on drugs don't be hurting others, don't be dealing to the kids, and don't make me as a tax payer have to pay out for your stupidity.

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    1 decade ago

    The police are the ones who have to deal withe the "casual users" after they become "addicts" and are doing damage to way more than themselves.

    You won't realize you are a danger to others until it is too late.

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