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What bands can you guys recommend?

I've been looking for some new music, but don't know where to start. I don't think these kinds of threads are allowed on the UG forums, so I'm asking here for recommendations. I listen to almost all kinds metal and metal core, some instrumental guitar, classic rock, hard rock, etc. Such as:

- Children of Bodom/Arch Enemy

- Bullet For My Valentine/All That Remains

- Metallica/Machine Head/Pantera

- Disturbed/Slipknot

- Joe Satriani/Buckethead/Steve Vai/Eric Johnson/Steve Ouimette

- Slayer/Exodus/Gojira

- Black Tide/Ac Dc/Shinedown/Alexisonfire

- Deep Purple/Led Zeppelin

- Iron Maiden/Judas Priest

I'd really like to get some more instrumental/virtuoso playing in the mix, but not the usual ones like the people listed above, and especially not Yngwie Malmsteen. Some good instrumental jazz and blues would be appreciated too.


Metal bands (the real thing, not this borderline rock/metal stuff), rock, jazz, blues, etc.

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    look up michael angelo batio for some major speed

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