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Clark Kent and Lois Lane?

Hello to all or u superman lovers. I want to know wheather Lois Lanes gets to know who really Superman is? frankly, does lois get to know that clark kent is Superman. and in what films or dc comics,, it can be even smallville.

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    Yes she does, they end up getting married and way before that even happens she finds out on her own and confronts Clark of this. And he tells her the truth.

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    In the original Superman movies, Lois Lane finds out his secret and is taken to the fortress of solitude. After Superman understands that he made a mistake he uses the fotress ( or his powers) to erase her memory. ( I think is was the 2nd movie with Chris Reeve.

    In smallville Lois and a cop find out his secrect when they see him catch to metal towers with his bare hands. But a friend of Clarks quickly takes away their memories of it. (what a surprise) I think it was in the fourth or fifth season

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    yes,Lois lane does get to know of clark's secret identity.She even married him but kept her maiden name for professional purposes

    Source(s): wikipedia
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    i guess superman & smallville are the same movie with the different character. Don't u think so ?

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