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What is the only country to have given up nuclear weapons?

What is the only country in the world, that has developed it's own nuclear weapons, and given them up voluntarily. There were no economic sanctions, or economic incentives given. They just realized that it was pointless for them to have them.

What is this country?

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    I would have said South Africa, before the ANC took power. The former government didn't want the weapons to fall into the hands of a group that had formerly been funded by the Soviet Union and had been well know for terrorism. So that doesn't quite fit your question, a country that had developed them and then just decided to give them up? The closest to that would be Libya.

    You cannot include countries like Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine or other former Soviet republics because they didn't develop the weapons, the inherited them when the Soviet Union collapsed.

    Source(s): I have a friend who is ex-South African Air Force who took part in the dismantling project.
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    That would be South Africa. As to the reasons I suspect they saw that the blacks were going to eventually take over there government and didn't trust them to use them correctly so they got rid of them. In my opinion they were right every South African government since has been a disaster.

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    Is this question asked to test the knowledge or you really want to know the information? Because it seems that you know the answer. You have given some hints about the answer.

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    South Africa

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    It was supposedly South Africa but evidence is still not solid.

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    south africa is the only country to do that on earth...

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    lybia. they didn't have them yet, but were quite advanced in their research.

    Source(s): clean up congress-NO INCUMBENTS '08!!!
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