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I need help with this physics question i try doing it but its not working?

Consider point a which is d1 = 72.0 cm north of a Q = -3.89 μC point charge, and point b which is d2 = 83.3 cm west of the charge.Determine Vba = Vb - Va.

hint: Remember that electric potential is a scalar. Do the directions in this problem matter?

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    let k be 1/(4*pi*E)

    V = KQ/R

    Va = K*-3.89uC/0.72 ---(1)

    Vb = K*-3.89uC/0.833 ---(2)

    directions does not matter but polarity do

    do rest of the math

    Hope this Helps

    Kaushalya Damitha

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