why is gay marriage and abortion a federal issue?

why go to war and have ppl killed but then you dont want women to make decisions...like i would never ever have an abortion but who am i to tell another woman not to?

and who am i to tell others who they should love?

wth this country is so WARPED


thanks river euphrates

im not exactly saying its about who you are in love with (my fault) but there really arent any valid reasons why either should be the decision of anyone other than those involved....no doctor is forced to perform an abortion... so as long as its available it should be the woman's choice.

You can be as pro life as you want but when it boils down to it, it is NOT your place to tell another woman that she has to keep her baby because they are your beliefs. She may have different beliefs...

Update 2:

"marriage" and "life" are defined under the christian church.

other people believe other things...how is this country supposed to be so damn free?? doesnt make sense

Update 3:

thanks Julia i understand what you are saying but why should she have to carry it for 9 months and deliver the baby if she doesnt want to? and y bring another child into the world when there are MORE than enough to adopt now?

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    Because ultra-conservative fundamentalist 'christian' zealots have made abortion and gay marriage a federal issue.

    If they had their way, gays would be stoned to death, and women would be forced to breed at the will of men.

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    They should not be federal issues. They should be states issues, under the 10th amendment. I think though, what you are asking is why these are issues. That's a different question and they are issues because some of us believe abortion is murder and don't think anyone has exclusive rights over the life of another. Some of us think that the states currently govern marriage licenses and that states should continue to decide who can marry within that state--it has nothing to do with "love," which no government can ever regulate.

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    Gay marriage is not a Federal issue right now. State courts have ruled on the legality of it or states have had ballot measures amending their constitutions.

    Abortion was made a Federal issue because the Supreme Court back in '76 or so decided that the Constitution guarantees a women's right to choose.

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    I have no idea why these things are a federal issue. The Constitution clearly states that anything not outlined in that document is for the states to decide for themselves. As there was nothing written in the constitution about Homosexual Marriage or Abortion, it should be for the states to decide.

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    Because our government stole power from the states. These are things that each state should decide based on the people's vote. Our rights are stripped away from us but people just don't see it.

    *ahem* She doesn't have to keep her baby. No one is wanting to force a woman to keep that child. She could give it up for adoption. There are many people on waiting lists hoping a mother will entrust them to care for that baby.

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    According to Obama/Biden it is not...

    According to Religious Fundamentalists, there must be a Federal mandate AGAINST these things....

    The Republicans used to argue that states had the right to do whatever they want... but when states like California started doing things they don't like - they changed their tune and now they want Fascist control over everything.

    I don't understand how Republicans think that gays are the one's "changing the definition" of marriage when it's the Republicans fighting for amendments to add the words "one man and one woman"...

    There has never been a definition of marriage in this country other than the one being created now by Republicans - so THEY are the ones who are "changing the definition".

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    Abortion is a federal issue because the Supreme Court rendered a mis-interpretation of the U.S. Constitution in the well-known case of Roe v. Wade. Gay marriage is a federal issue because of the possibility that the Supreme Court might render *another* mis-interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. The Court "struck down" the "sodomy" laws of 13 states in the Lawrence v. Texas decision in 2003.



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    Because the Republicans are trying to appeal to the religions right - they portray themselves as the 'more moral,' 'more Christian' party.

    Never mind the hypocrisy - no support for choice on abortions, but no help for struggling single moms or poor families, no help for sex ed, no help for adoption programs and no help for education. Lots of support for war and torture and the death penalty (how these are Christian values, I will never understand).

    No support for gay marriage, and lots of misunderstandings about homosexuality - it doesn't threaten the non-homosexuals, it isn't catching, and many more sexual predators are heterosexual than homosexual. What business is it of anyone's who someone chooses to spend their life with? Who they sleep with?

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    Abortion is a privacy issue, and when states encroach upon privacy issues it becomes a federal matter.

    Same thing with gay marriage. Gay marriage is an equal-rights issue, we are not allowed to discriminate for "sex, gender, creed, color, ethnicity, race, religion, etc"

    Separate but equal isn't constitutional no matter how many times a person thumps their bible.

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    well abortion is a federal issue,life is a right and being so it makes it a federal issue. and how is not allowing gay marriage telling someone who to love. it is federal issue because married people have different tax rates,and since marriage is defined between a man and a woman it is a federal issue

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