December Vacation. Mexico or Caribbean?

Im 16 and plan to take a short vacation with my 27 year old aunt.. from around december 15th to december 19th and I haven't exactly decided on a location yet.

Does anyone know any CHEAP place in either the Caribbean or Mexico i could go to from Canada? Where would you go? Any sites i can check prices on?

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    1 decade ago
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    Mexico, The Dominican Republic and Cuba are your three cheapest bets. All three are very nice. Mexico is probably the nicest out of the three and Cuba is the cheapest. Check out sites such as: or

    I just booked a trip to the Mayan Riviera and got the lowest price from redtag. I then went to a flight center

    (I'm from Toronto) and they beat the price.

    Travel adviser offers pictures on their site from travellers who have been to different resorts so when looking into a particular resort go there to read reviews and see actual vacation pics from people who have been.

    Good luck!!

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  • So many choices - I too would agree that Mexico is cheaper. Are you refering to the Cancun - Riviera Maya region ??

    To get some ideas of prices, prices and activities - I'd recommend -

    You can enter your departure town and dates - browse around and see pictures of the area what they have to offer.

    We just got back from Playa del Carmen area - stayed at the Sandos Playacar All-Inclusive Resort and last year we stayed at the Barcelo Tropical All-Inclusive Resort.

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  • NICO
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    1 decade ago

    México is also part of the caribean, the "Mayan riviera" offers a lot of places like Cancún, Puerto Aventuras, Playa del Carmen...

    So I would take that choice.

    Check on that and you will have a nice experience.

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  • Muschi
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    1 decade ago

    Mexico is a lot cheaper for such a short trip.

    Check: or, they can book you a package, check fo an all inclusive hotel it's a great deal!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'd recommend the Bahamas, personally. My wife and I spent part of my honeymoon there, and it was just beautiful.

    I run a site that finds promotions for it, too, so I'm a little biased. :-)

    Check out for our current specials.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i have aways heard go to Cancun first, then go to Jamacia, so your not dis-appointed in cancun. I Have been to Cancun two times, one good, and second not so nice hotel on the hotel zone, you will have fun either place I am sure.

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