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Does "Joe Six-Pack" spend 150 k on clothing?

How about "Joe the Plumber".

Are Republicans trying to insult the inteligence of the American people by trying to doll up Palin with the notion that as long as she looks hot then people will want her as VP?



$150 000 to make her look like she's not from the bush?


You really want to go the expensive house route with McCain not knowing how many houses he has?

Grape Ape:

Even high ranking Republicans have let go of the "she's got more experience" angle.


McCain would have spent the same if enough people would have been stupid enough to donate to his campaign.

Phuc Eu:

It wasn't Obama that got the 400 dollar hair cut. Let go of the past.

And finally Mel:

You are missing the point. I couldn't care less if they spent 150 million on her clothes. The fact is, they're trying to make her look like something she's not.

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    What's sad is that some people are buying into it. She's a former beauty queen and she can see Russia from her front porch. To some, that's experience enough!

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    Joe might spend $150K on clothing if he lived in Alaska where it is is wet and cold and didn't frequent high society much... and then was placed in a situation where going to fancy parties and speaking in front of thousands of people on a daily basis was suddenly the norm.

    What did you expect... Sarah would show up wearing a parka, blue jeans, and hunting boots?

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    No, he doesn't. But that is a drop in the bucket compared to $600 million (and counting) on trying to get elected. Imagine the possibilities of spreading that wealth around.

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    Wonder how "Joe 6-pack" and "Joe the plumber" who contributed their hard-earned money to McCain/Palin campaign and are struggling to pay their mortgages feel about the 150K Palin wardrobe? That's one fancy hockey mom!

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    He'd have to be a true maverick to spend that much, not fake ones like McCain/Palin. Or having a gay wedding.

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    They are. That's why so many real republicans have switched to supporting Obama.

    They are easily manipulated. Think about it. Obama was bashed for "inexperience" and then Palin is supported by those same people? Puh-lease.

    Obama 08-16!

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    they must think we are shallow. why don't they do what obama wants to do and spread the wealth around. i could use some new clothes to further my career. or better yet, take 150,000 and donate it to food pantries across the country

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    No, but Hussein Obama spent $600,000,000 trying to get you to vote for him. Did it work?

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    No. I think people want her as VP because she is the only one of the four candidates who has ran company, ran a city. and ran a state.

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    Well if she dressed poorly, then everyone would scrutinize her. So when you and everyone else stop scrutinizing and judging people by the way they dress, then it won't be necessary to supply clothes for people in the public eye.

    Every TV host is supplied clothes too.

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    I'll bet he doesn't spend $400 on a haircut, either.

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