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Is the second Toronto team all just talk?

I tend to think so, given that the Leafs and Sabres are prepared to protect their territorial rights. However London/Waterloo would be just outside Leafs turf. Given that the "Ottawa" Senators seem to thrive way the heck out in the middle of nowhere, I don't see why that is inherently unfeasible if a stadium could be built.

I can also see a situation in which a bankruptcy judge felt that a given purchaser of bankrupt team was in the best interests of the creditors and thus ordered that the team be sold to that purchaser even if Bettman, etc. didn't like it.

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    Because of Basillie (I know I am butchering his name) and his money there has been speculation that he wants a team in Hamilton (Toronto owns the territory rights). Given the population and relative distance there would be merit to exploring the idea, that is where the rumor comes from. But when rumor meets reality there would be no good reason for the Maple Leafs to gamble that it wont have an effect on their franchise and will block any attempt to do such a move. The current Nashville situation only spurs on the rumors, Bettman (hence, the owners) blocked Basillie from buying them knowing he intended to mount a challenge and move the Preds to Hamilton....only they were so against him getting the team they didnt do due diligence and allowed a broke criminal to buy the Preds. If the Preds end up in bankruptcy and a judge ordered the sale he could possibly impose a "right to own" clause if a financial deal with someone the NHL deems undesirable provided the new owner is willing to meet the creditors terms, they legally have ultimate control in the best interests of their clients. However he could not impose a move of the franchise, the value in the minds of the court is not location but assets and trademarks exclusive to the franchise and NHL properties. And the league has contractual control over any potential move, again the judge could only force the sale, this means the new owner not only gets the assets but also the liabilities which include any contractual obligations to not only the league but the city/arena. I just dont see where the current group of owners is standing with open arms to Basillie and surely most would defer to any Original 6 franchise that is threatened in any way....the Leafs surely would feel that threat and fight any attempt (regardless of potential ownership groups).

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    I'm just going with what I read in the Globe & Mail the other day.

    1) It's just a floated idea and nothing official.

    2) The Leafs would welcome another team because of the territorial rights they can be compensated for and the fact that they would rent out the Air Canada Centre to their new neighbors.

    3) The NHL governors. accountants, and marketing people feel that a team in a secondary city such as Kitchener, Waterloo, and even Hamilton would be a difficult sell for most American teams and therefore would shy away from allowing a team to spring up there.

    4) With so many teams losing money, the NHL isn't going to be expanding in the foreseeable future. If a team is ever going to become neighbors of the Maple Leafs it will be an existing franchise that moves to greener pastures.

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    I can't imagine any Leafs fans switching over to the new team.

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    Why not just move the Yotes back to Winnepeg. The fans in the desert don't care anyway.

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