What date will the canada lotary begine and haw can i apply for my self?

I am an engineering B1 Technician wish to apply for 2009 canada lotary. I need to have all the guids line to help me apply and not to fall into the hands of feck men

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    canada does not have an immigration lottery

    you have to apply and qualify to immigrate

  • SteveN
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    1 decade ago

    I think you are referring to a website called the "Canada Immigration Lottery". This is a business operated out of Westmount, Quebec which claims to pay and handle ALL processing fees for an immigrant wanting to come to Canada, if you happen to be the daily winner.

    Let me explain how this works...

    First of all, it is NOT a legally sanctioned lottery from the Canadian government. It is not even technically a lottery, since any type of contest like this must be monitored by a federal or provincial agency licensed to oversee these events.

    What this company does is people sign up with them for handling their immigration paperwork. They have to pay a fee (perhaps $1000) to get their paperwork processed.

    Let's say that on a given day, thirty people from around the world apply and send them a fee to join. What they claim to do is pick one name out of the 30 they received that day and that person "wins" the lottery by having their paperwork processed for free. However, it still means that 29 other people paid $1000 to get theirs processed, and they did not win.

    Since immigrants can apply for immigration to Canada on their own and do not need an immigration lawyer (all you do is fill out the forms yourself), you are basically paying someone to fill out a form, and you have to supply them with all the information anyway!

    Since the fee for applying to be a resident of Canada is $100 and I think it is refundable if your application is rejected, what is happening is the Canadian Immigration Lottery guys (also known as CIFA) are paying $3000 to apply for immigration on behalf of thirty people. But they may collect $30,000 from those thirty people, and then refund one person (who won the lottery) their $1000. It is still a profit of $26,000 for one day's work!

    Unfortunately, they are not actually breaking Canadian law the way they are set up, or at least have not been caught yet...As long as they offer the service and someone each day is honestly given free services, then they are legal.

    But if they were truly a non-profit organization, they would be looking to keep costs down, and would not be located in the richest part of Montreal. The owner would not have an estimated net worth of $1.14 million if it were honestly not for profit. Yes, the company can make no profit...it would show a zero profit if it was paying all or some of its employees huge salaries.

    Check out what others had to say on the FraudWatchers website. And if you sent them money and did not get any services whatsoever, be sure to complain to the government of Canada about them...Do not complain on their website since you are simply telling them they did something wrong, which they probably already know! Instead, contact the Better Business Bureau of Canada.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First of all, Canada does not have an immigration lottery system. That is strictly an American phenomenon.

    To get into Canada as an immigrant, you need to first determine if you even qualify to come here. Our immigration system is based on competition. We only accept qualified immigrants who have skills, education and experience in an area that is needed here.

    To learn more, click on http://www.cic.gc.ca/

    Bear in mind that even if you apply today, there are currently close to 1,000,000 other applications ahead of yours. As we only accept about 250,000 new immigrants each year, I think you can see that it will take a long time for you to complete the process.

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    I don't think that Canada has a lottery for immigration I know the US used to have one but I don't think they do now.

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    I have not a clue what you are saying...but if you are asking for information about emigrating to Canada...consult with the Canadian Consulate in your Country, or go to the website below.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We don't have an 'immigration lottery' and what are 'feck men'?

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