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Obama vs McCain, who is more qualified to run the country?

Obama is running a coherent campaign and raising hundreds of millions of dollars while McCain's campaign has never been coherent and is now falling apart.

“If you really want to see what ‘going negative’ is in politics, just watch the back-stabbing and blame game that we’re starting to see,” said Mark McKinnon, the ad man who left the campaign after McCain wrapped up the GOP primary.

“The cake is baked,” agreed a former McCain strategist. “We’re entering the finger-pointing and positioning-for-history part of the campaign. It’s every man for himself now.”

Is this not enough evidence to show that McCain is not qualified to run a country such as the US of A? If you need more, his judgement is questionable on many counts especially his vp pick.

Compare McCain's abilities to Obama's. Barack Obama and his team have done an incredible job with campaign organization, fund raising, energizing the base and shown great judgement on the VP pick.

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    Correct. Neither have executive experience. These campaigns are the ONLY example of their abilities to lead us. McCain has done a disasterous job.

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    I would have to say Barrack Obama. I think his pick of VP is smart for the fact that he lacks foreign affairs experience that Joe Biden has. He has the smarts to pull the economy up.

    McCain picked Palin because she was a woman. Now, I am all for woman's rights but she is a disgrace. She is in no way prepared to be a 72-year old's heart beat away from becoming president. If the race wasn't so close between Obama and Hilary Clinton then I believe McCain would have a different VP and be much closer the white house.

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    No, your logic has been twisted by the koolaid. Look at the past records of the tw, Look at what they have said and done. Dig deep in Obamas case because he hasn't been around long.

    Once this is done you will find that McCains slashing spending beats Obamas tax and spend hands down. And believe me Obama plans to spend. And spend plenty. Try the Civilian Security Force that Obama mentioned (only once because its supposed to be a secret). Wonder what their job will be and what they will cost. Add in all Obamas other programs and you will see that taxing the richest Americans an additional 3% is not going to cover it, Not even close.

    McCain is best for America.

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    Obama is hardly qualified to run a country. Just because he has questionable associations with thugs and terrorists in other countries and is able to raise a ton of DIRTY MONEY doesn't mean he's qualified to run a country. It means he's a liar with less than honorable hidden motives for our great country.

    It looks like a lot of people have bought into Obama's lies and promises for "Change". He throws that word around so much and people are just blinded by it. This is a guy that basically claims to be a Christian yet he is pro partial birth abortion, pro gay marriage and

    his questionable associations with Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright, have STILL never been explained sufficiently. Obama expects us to believe that he had no idea his "spiritual advisor" of 26 years held firm beliefs that the government of America created the AIDS virus and was oppressing citizens not only in the USA but around the world. Obama admitted to attending the church about twice a month for 20 years. Obama must think we're stupid to believe he had no idea of the kind of vitriol that Jeremiah Wright was spewing. Tony Rezko helped find and fund, suspectively, Obama's house. Something about the whole ordeal seems very fishy indeed. Obama's links with Ayers on the CAC board were close and he's been utterly dishonest about his level of connection with Ayers.

    Source(s): At the VERY LEAST NO BAMA is a HYPOCRITE of the greatest magnitude
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    mccain is a "war-hero" in a war that has himan rights violation written all over it and he is citing that as experiance.

    but more importantly people seem like they found a messionic figure in obama they will follow his leadership willingly and it seems he may be the man unite a broken america.

    so to answer ur question obama will win by a huge landslide.

    PS: if he doesn'tyou know its another stolen election.

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    Are you even asking this question? And all the idiots who have no idea what they are talking about and going for the "popular" vote and chosing Obama! Haha...nice. He's got the least experience out of the candidates! If ANYTHING, he should MAYBE be a vice president. He's no where near qualified to run this country. So his people have done a good job with his campaign. That's a team of professionals! Heck, they're probably more qualified than Obama! He's an idiot! Ewwww....makes me sick just thinking about it!

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    1 decade ago

    Running a campaign and running a country are two different things. Actually though, to answer your question, I dont think it matters they can both do it. Reagan and Clinton had no federal govt experience before taking office and they are icons of their parties.

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    I was going to go with McCain but with his VP choice I do not believe he has a winning ticket. I do not believe she is ready to run this country and we are already in a pickle.

    Romney/Rudy '08!!

  • Dan C
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    I trust John McCain over a person who hates Christians, Jews and America.

    I trust John McCain over a person who associates with enimies of the United States.

    I trust John McCain over a person who never assumed the responsibilities of the offices they held in the past

    I trust John McCain over a person who thinks the only way to solve a problem is to TAX TAX TAX.

    John McCain has proven over and over he can Walk the Walk.

    Barack Hussein Obama can only Talk the Talk.

    McCain’s experience with the Real World vs Obama’s Textbooks

    McCain’s experience with the Real World vs Obama’s Plans

    McCain’s experience with the Real World vs Obama’s Theories

    Real world experience trumps Textbooks, Plans and Theories.

    Most Textbooks, Plans and Theories fail without Real World experience.

    Too much is at stake for on the job training.

    McCain / Palin 2008

    We are headed for a Great Demorcrat Depression if Barack Hussein Obama is elected, God forbid, and implenents his Socialist TAX TAX TAX.

    The United Socialist States of America aka USSA.

  • Anonymous
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    was i the only one who noticed how similar mccain's lurch looked like nixon's im not a crook pose? come on people... cant you see evil? eveyone looked at me all crazy when i said bush was gonn f--up this country... look at what happened man.

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